IntellCRE Review 2023: AI-Powered Underwriting and Analysis Platform for Real Estate

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Statistics show that the US real estate sales brokerage industry is estimated at $222.3 billion in 2023. Moreover, the homeownership rates rose to 66% in 2022. According to the latest real estate trends, artificial intelligence will play a greater role in helping agents, realtors, lenders, homeowners, buyers, etc., analyze property data to make the right decisions. 

IntellCRE (pronounced Intell-C-R-E) is an AI-powered real estate analysis and underwriting platform. It offers a plethora of features to automate various tasks and provide a complete picture of a property. 

Let’s review IntellCRE in detail to understand how it works. 


IntellCRE was founded in 2022. The headquarters is in Coronado, California. A team of real estate investors, brokers and experienced developers has created an online web-based platform to help with investment analysis, price comparison, and underwriting in the real estate industry. It simplifies the process of analyzing a property and calculating cash flows, CAP, IRR, GRM, etc. 

Real Estate Investment Analysis

IntellCRE can be used for personal and professional use. For example, brokers and real estate agents can complete underwriting quickly and be the first to provide complete property details to the clients. Similarly, lenders and appraisers can use the platform to determine the value of the property and the financing options in a few minutes instead of days or weeks. Property owners and managers can use IntellCRE to effectively manage their assets, track rents, renovations, etc. 

How IntellCRE Works

  • The platform is easy to use and comes with a clean interface. Enter the property address to start the analysis. 
  • Then, upload an existing file or provide input operating data to calculate rents, price ranges, cash flows, future expenses, returns, financing options, renovations, and much more. 
  • Users can get detailed reports for pre-defined metrics and customize the options. You can also share the reports with others (through link or as PDF/ Excel) and convert them into a website/ property package. 

Features of IntellCRE 

1.) Provides Real-Time Market Data 

Why spend hours trying to gather market data from multiple sources? IntellCRE does that in a few seconds. Set up your location preferences to get real-time data about the available properties in the region. Compare the rates and rents to shortlist the best options for you. Brokers can use this information to close more leads in a quick time. 

2.) Rent and Expense Extractor 

Calculate rents and property-related expenses with a few clicks. There’s no need to enter the data manually. Upload an existing spreadsheet for the platform to convert and load the data into its template. Or, enter the base amounts for IntellCRE to complete the rest automatically. 

3.) Auto-Estimate Price 

How do you know the property’s price is right? Whether you are a buyer, seller, or an agent, how will you arrive at the negotiating price range in an instant? IntellCRE is here to help. The platform will auto-estimate the price soon after you enter the address for analysis. It uses property characteristics, sales comps, etc., to provide a clear price range (from underpriced to overpriced) with a definite marking of the optimal price. 

4.) All Metrics at One Place 

Operating statements, revenue spreadsheets, cashflows, financing options, etc., are presented in a detailed table calculated monthly and yearly. You can also see the value of the costs as a percentage of the GOI or other factors. Add more metrics for renovations, repairs, etc. Determine how much you’ll gain by selling, renting, or flipping the property. 

5.) Create Marketing Packages and Websites 

Get the entire marketing package and a branded property website in a few minutes. IntellCRE automatically converts the data (images, maps, tables, etc.) into a comprehensive package to share with prospective clients. No need to spend additional time or money on getting these made by professionals. The information can also be exported as Excel and PDF files. 

6.) Deal Pipeline Tracker/ Overview 

Want to know how the deal is progressing and determine your chances of success? IntellCRE does that for you. All your deals can be tracked from a single place and categorized according to their stages. You can also add users to the platform and assign roles (for viewing, editing, and collaborating). 

7.) DealFinder

IntellCRE enables you to preset your deal criteria and notifies you as soon as fitting deal enters the market. You can than use the powerful to underwrite the deal in seconds through the platform.

8.) DealBox

For brokerages and realtors IntellCRE comes with a widget that can be embedded on your website that allows your team to passively source new deals with property data and valuable client information without the hassle of endless cold-calling.

Absolutely perfect for each USE CASE

Ideal for each use case

Intellcre Pricing

1.) Personal

  • Starting at $22/month personal plan comes limited in the number of properties, comps and data.

→ Ideal for small investors, managers, operators and residential brokers

2.) Professional

  • $74/mo for professional plan that is unlimited with full data sets

→ Best suited for professional investors, brokers, lenders, analysts and appraisers

3.) Enterprise

  • Enterprise plan starts from $112/month

→ A tailor made solution to gives your organization a competitive edge.

Above all plans includes

Underwriting & Analysis

✓ AI document extraction

✓ Detailed Cash Flows

✓ All investment returns & metrics

✓ Forecasts and profit projections

✓ Custom investment criteria

✓ Multifamily & Commercial Rent Rolls

✓ Multiple Financing Scenarios

✓ Property Comparisons

Professional Exports

✓ Branded marketing packages

✓ Property websites

✓ Investment proposals

✓ Offering Memorandums

✓ Property flyers

✓ Printable PDF reports

Team collaboration

✓ Shared property portfolio

✓ Deal pipeline overview

✓ Universal organization settings

✓ Shared document exports

✓ Admin user management


✓ Real-time market rents

✓ Walkability scores

✓ Create your own data points

✓ Excel underwriting models

✓ Plug in your own library of submarket comps

Final Words 

IntellCRE is a user-friendly real estate analysis platform powered by artificial intelligence. The platform can be used for team collaborations and to automatically create property websites and packages.

All it takes is a couple of clicks to get the information you need about a property. IntellCRE can be used right away without wasting time on training or onboarding. Sign up for the free trial to understand how it works.