How to use Windows on Mac – 3 Method Explained

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Windows 10 on Mac

Using Windows on Mac is a largely discussed topic since 2005 and today many software have brought it to reality. There are a number of applications that allow you to use Windows on Mac after installation. In this article, we are going to explain you about the most reliable methods for running Windows and its applications on Mac.

1. BootCamp

The very first software is Apple’s BootCamp. This is capable of initiating a dual boot between Windows and Mac OS. This is estimated to give the maximum performance than any other software application for running Windows. Also, this is available for free and you just need to pay the charges for Windows license. But it needs a reboot every time you switch the operating systems, so this cannot be very suitable for large enterprises who wish to switch often or work on both OS simultaneously. These can be beneficial for individuals or a small group of people.

2. CrossOver Mac

CrossOver Mac allows you to use Windows on Mac without actually installing Windows. This provides a Windows compatibility layer to the user which is based on the “Wine open source software”. As this does not need installation of Windows, you don’t not require Windows license. This is much simpler and cost-effective than other methods. But only minimal usage of some Windows applications and tools are allowed. CrossOver Mac is suitable for a small number of users who are willing to use a minimum number of tools on Windows.

3. Virtual machine

Applications used here are ParallelDesktop, VMware Fusion, VirtualBox, QEMU… These use a virtual within the Mac OS to use Windows. You can opt for this method if you want to run both OS simultaneously. It’s completely a risk-free system but you need to pay high price to use this system as it’s not free.


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