How to convert PDF to editable word - Best PDF to Word Converter software

How to convert PDF to editable word – Best PDF to Word Converter software

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a product created by Adobe helping consumers or business professionals to present or exchange the document with anyone. All ebooks, project report are created and saved in .pdf format only but what happens when you want to convert PDF to editable word then in that case you need a professional PDF to Word converter software which lets you convert your PDF to word that too with a proper placement of each word at right place.

Convert PDF to Editable Word


WPS PDF to Word converter is a product developed by WPS office team which lets you to convert pdf to editable word owned by Kingston Office Software which is established in 1989 and  providing a complete alternative to those users who are actually not satisfied with Microsoft Office or  bored after using the old interface from long time.

More then 1 Billion users worldwide,around 900 employees and offices in US, China and Hongkong developing a product since 1989 and helping the consumers to get best quality, superfast and easy to use software.

Let’s understand how you can convert pdf to editable word using best pdf to word converter software.

Converting a pdf document to word file is really an easy task using WPS PDF to word converter and edit your files after converting.

Step 1. Download and install the software.

Step 2. Run you .exe and install the software on your pc.

Step 3. Now open your software which gives you option to either drag a PDF file or select from your local storage.

convert pdf to editable word

Step 4. Once you have selected your PDF file you can choose the option to convert PDF to word.

convert pdf to editable word

Step 5. Finished ..Your file is converted and you can save your word file now.

Some of the cool and exciting features of this software that will not make you from stop buying are:-

 WPS PDF to Word converter is really superfast – The pdf to word converter lets you convert in just few seconds without taking much time.

 Easy and User friendly Interface – Software is easy to use that needs no technical knowledge to use.

  Really an amazing product to buy at an uneconomical price.

I hope with the help of above article now you can convert your pdf to editable word, let understand what else you can do if you purchase this software.

  • PDF Split – Do you want to split your single pdf to multiple PDF ? WPD pdf to word is a perfect solution for you which helps you to split your pdf files.
  • Merge PDF option allows you to combine your multiple PDF to single PDF file without doing any corruption or damage to your original file.
  • Select the format of your choice after converting your pdf which can be .doc,.docx,.rtf etc.

NOTE:- The most beautiful and interesting part of this software and why business professionals,consumers are using this software just because they are getting 3 options in a single software

  Converting pdf to editable word

  Merge multiple PDF files and convert them into single file. 

Split your single PDF to multiple PDF

Do you have a corrupted PDF file and wants to repair then you can try Stellar Phoenix PDF Repair software.

Final Conclusion – According to our experts WPS PDF to word converter is the best PDF to word converter software which let you easily convert pdf to editable word hence you can start using the most reliable and high quality WPS converter to convert your pdf files.