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If you are a creative master looking for getting perfection in your work, you’ve come to the right place. If you are that perfectionist who understands the importance of quality drawing software, you deserve to know about this software we are about to discuss. It may surprise you!

Whether you are planning to make floor plans, mind maps, flow charts, infographics, or network diagrams, having an all-in-one tool can be incredibly helpful to you. One of the most favoured and a trusted choice is Microsoft Visio. The only disappointing factor for its users and aspirants is its insanely high price of $589.99 for just one copy. Despite the importance of this tool, especially for those working in the field, it doesn’t have to burn your pocket. 

This is where Edraw Max comes into the picture as one of the best Visio Alternatives. At less than half the cost of Visio, Edraw Max makes a great alternative. What’s more? It gives you a better assortment of features. Wondering if it’s really better than Visio for the crazy price it offers? Don’t worry! We have tested the software for you to make the best choice. Let’s take a look.

What is Edraw Max?

Edraw Max is a drawing app targeted specifically at designers, architects, concept artists and other creative professionals. It is a 2D diagramming software which helps to create floor plans, flowcharts, mind map, network diagrams, business charts, and complex engineering diagrams. The software gives you a wide variety of features with amazing customisations.

Edraw Max Features

  • Full vector graphics solution
  • Import Visio XML formatted documents
  • Easy drag and drop design
  • Auto object alignment
  • Create complex diagrams with massive built-in library of templates
  • Interacts with MS Office
  • MS Office-like interface
  • Real-time previews
  • Text object support 
  • Zoom slider for quick zooming in and out
  • Table support
  • Adjust picture, brightness and contrast, PNG transparency support
  • Shape editor for complex shapes
  • 2000+ clip art included
  • Hyperlink support
  • Cloud support

Edraw Max vs. Visio Features Comparison

visio features comparison

Why use Edraw Max?

Apparently, if you are paying for a tool, it better has all the features that you need. To put this in simplest terms, Edraw Max gives users a Visio-like, professional-level diagram tool at a fraction of the cost. Because of its super-easy user interface, you will find yourself much more at home, even if you are a beginner. With next to a zero learning curve, you can create complex diagrams in no time. And if you are a designer, the software rewards you with excellent customisation that would just suit your particular requirement and work environment.

Thanks to its highly detailed features, you will no longer look for more powerful features like Macros or Visual Basic Editor. Need more? Edraw Max offers you a full integration into Microsoft Office that enables you to add Edraw Max drawings into Office documents.

For this standard, fairly designed and professional-looking output, anyone will find themselves interested in this tool.

How to Use Edraw Max?

Download and install Edraw Max in three easy steps.

Edraw max

Once you open it, you’ll be seeing something like this. It may look like a lot, but is fairly easy to use.


Choose the desired template, and you are ready to build your dream project.

I tried to play around a little, and it was a super fun tool. I came across a lot of customization with a very easy-to-use interface.

Despite lacking proper experience of the drawing software, I was able to open it and understand the entire dashboard with ease. It actually looked so interesting that I went ahead and designed a sample diagram to give you my genuine review about the product. It is, of course, a simple diagram. But if you are looking for a complex structure, the software has all the necessary tools for something like this.

ED draw editing software


You can either go with every year subscription or purchase a permanent licence, depending on your requirements.

ProductsSubscription Pricing
License Fees
Single user$99$179/Perpetual License
$245/Lifetime License
(Minimum of 5 users)
$320 to $1,999$750 to $2,450/Perpetual License
$999 to $3,450/Lifetime License

Pros & Cons

Easy to use
– Professional interface
– Countless features
– Compatible with all OS
Takes time to open previously created complex diagrams

Final Words

There is no denying that there is a good demand for drawing software solutions in the market. While experiencing the software, I found it really simple and fun to use. At the same time, Edraw left me in awe with the plethora of features it offered.

If you are looking for a tool that would fit any level of user with high customization, but don’t want to shell out the cost for Visio, Edraw Max is the best alternative with respect to the Microsoft standard.

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My overall experience with the software was really great, and I would highly recommend you check it out. Let us know if our review was helpful in the comments section.