Online Casinos in India – Review

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Online casinos have taken over the gambling world in the last decade. Every year, new companies that provide this kind of service appear, so it’s hard to find your platform but even harder to spot scammers among so many companies. At this stage in the development of such services, there is a high level of competition among companies. 

Everyone is trying to make their services more affordable and safer for their clients, including CasinoRaja – online Indian casino. Many companies care about their image and attract advertising employees of world stars – people who have popularity not only in India but also in the whole world, as well as famous developers or software companies. In this way, companies are trying to earn a reputation to raise their level among the rest of the platforms.

Online Casinos and the Law

All companies care about the rights and obligations of their citizens to their states. Each company that provides online casino services receives a personal license that specifies the jurisdiction of that platform, as well as its rights and responsibilities to its customers and to the countries in which the platform operates. 

One of the company’s responsibilities is to display their license number on the homepage of the official website, so that each user, before starting to use the service, can read the rules of the platform, their rights, and features on the site. Each platform is also required to sign an agreement with the Governments of the countries where the company operates. Without this agreement, no company can operate on the territory of the country, India is no exception in this list and all the laws of this state are fairly respected by each of the companies. It can be concluded that all Indian players can not worry about the fact that their actions on this or that platform may violate some act of the legislation of their country. 

Each of the companies takes care that players feel comfortable and safe on their platform and do not worry about anything but their future winnings!

Security at Online Casinos

All of the personal information that you provide on the platforms is subject to strict privacy regulations and regulated by legal provisions. Accounts can only be accessed using a unique user ID and password, and companies also offer a “two-factor authentication” (2FA) feature that allows players to gain additional privacy protection for their accounts. 

The second key security system is SSL – encryption, which provides limited access to sensitive user information and protects it from the use by third parties. This type of encryption is used by most companies around the world and performs well in data protection.

Some companies have a Data Protection Officer – DPO. For any questions you have about the security of your data, you can contact the DPO by email, which is listed under “Information” or “Security Department” on the main page of the official website, and one of the employees will give you all the information and answer all your questions about personal security of each client.

Another method of preventing fraud or unfair play is the second stage of platform user account registration – verification or identity verification. This method is nice because the security service of the company, after conducting this verification with the user, will never ask the same user to go through this procedure again. What is the procedure? 

The procedure involves two elements: filling out a special form provided by the security service and sending scans or photos of your identification documents (passport, driver’s license, or national ID card; some companies ask for several documents at once). After that, you wait for a response from the security service, and for this time your actions on the platform will be limited. The waiting time takes up to 3 days. After a positive result of the verification, you get back the opportunity to use all the functionality of the platform. 

All this is done to identify dishonest players who use more than one account on the platform (registered to one person) – this action is strictly prohibited among online casinos and to identify cheaters who may gain access to the user’s account and use it for their benefit. 

All personal data that you indicate on the platforms are stored only on secure servers and only senior security officers of the companies have access to them. All activities and personal data, including transactions, are secure thanks to a high-tech encryption system – this ensures that all your information is confidential and inaccessible to third parties. The platform uses the GDPR system, a general regulation for the protection of personal data, which governs: the storage of player IDs (the number issued personally upon registration) and information about your profile (postal addresses, photos, emails, financial data, and IP addresses of any of your devices).

Types of Games 

There are more than 3,000 games for absolutely every user on each platform and over 400 varieties of gambling games. Each of them can be defined into 7 categories:

1. Blackjack; 

2. Poker;

3. Baccarat;

4. Board games; 

5. Slot machines; 

6. Live casino; 

7. Roulette.

All games have been tested for fraud or deception. Neither party (casino or player) benefits in advance from the games on the platforms. The most popular games on the platforms are the “Live Casino” section, where players can feel like real participants in the gaming process, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real casino, and choose the dealer and the table at which they will play. Companies cooperate with a large number of software companies and developers known all over the world. 

This point allows the platforms to provide players with the best graphic design of the games and slots, as well as add the most simple and clear game interface. Examples of companies that work with online casino platforms and have gained popularity among Indian players: are Amatic Industries, Endorphine, Play’s GO, BetSoft, Evoplay, ISoftBet, Mobilots, Revolver Gaming, Relax Gaming, Skywind Casino, and especially Evolution Gaming, as well as many others. These companies would not cooperate with companies with bad reputations, so this cooperation is the definition that companies can be trusted.

Access to Bonuses and Promotions

Let’s take a look at examples of possible bonuses, taking Casino Raja – online indian casino and one of the most influential sites in the world of online casinos that focus on the people of India. 

The First Type of Bonus – The Sign-up Bonus

A registration bonus is available to every new user of the platform. All you need to do to get this bonus is to register and go through the process of identification on the company’s website. The amount of bonus funds that are provided in this type of bonus ranges from 100 to 500 Indian rupees! The Casino Raja – online indian casino – offers a maximum for this type of bonus. Wagering on this bonus money takes a little longer than the other types of bonuses, but you will have the opportunity to start playing without spending your money!

The Second Type of Bonus – First Deposit Bonus

The first deposit bonus is common practice among online casino companies. The requirements for a bonus are an activated account and making the first deposit of the minimum amount (it varies from company to company). The minimum amount of the first deposit varies from 300 to 1000 Indian rupees. On the Casino Raja – online indian casino, the limit is set at 500 Indian rupees for this type of bonus. Also, the percentages that are given to the first deposit and due to which the final amount of the bonus is obtained vary from 50% to 150%. Casino Raja presents a bonus in the form of 100% of the initial deposit. The limit for getting the biggest amount of bonus money varies from 1000 to 10 000 Indian rupees, at Casino Raja the user can get the first deposit bonus of 10 000 Indian rupees which is an impressive sum.

The Third Type of Bonus – Promo Code Bonus

No extra money has to be paid for getting a promo code. Each company that provides online casino services indicates on the banners on its website an actual promo code that allows you to get bonus money or free spins. The amount of this kind of bonus varies from 500 to 3000 Indian rupees.

Interesting Features of Online Casino Platforms

Some of the interesting features of the companies include the prevention of gambling addiction. On some platforms available to limit their actions, a limit on the amount of recharge (you can specify for the day, week or month). The platforms provide a large list of options to limit their actions on the website or in certain games. This is done so that people who are beginning to see themselves as potentially addicted players can protect their spending or limit the time that the player is on the site.

Sections such as “Personal Limits” will allow you to create exclusive security by using online casino platforms. The available limits are deposit limit, loss limit, betting limit, or session limit on the platform. A “self-exclusion limit” is also available, the rules of which are negotiated individually with each user. For more information on all limits and self-limits, please refer to the “Responsible Gaming” section.

Privileges for Indian Users

If the platform is targeting an audience from the Republic of India, it must provide the best offers for this category of users. These include:

→ Local Currency

At the moment, there is unhindered access to Indian rupee accounts on online casino platforms. Players can not worry about currency conversion, as well as the possibility of withdrawal of funds, because most of the local banks in India allow withdrawals and receive cash directly from the bank branch. 

→ Payment Systems Support

Not all companies can provide you with a full list of debit and credit card options, but you will get most of them for sure!

Such payment systems include Neteller; Sofort; Visa and MasterCard; Skrill and many others. Also, it’s possible to use electronic wallets and pay with cryptocurrency. Adding the possibility of a payment in different cryptocurrencies has given a boost to the influx of new users, as well as to the total amounts of bets and winnings on online casino platforms.

→ Developing Games Based on National Traditions

All games provided by online casinos are designed for a specific player, Indian players are no exception! It’s not uncommon for companies to independently develop individual slots or even a section of games that will relate to traditional Indian local games, or related to some holiday in India. This action is aimed solely to show that every customer from that country is important to the platform and that companies are trying to find an approach to every player!