Apple Amsterdam Store Temporarily Shuts Down After IPad Battery Blast

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Apple shutdown Amsterdam store

Apple store in Amsterdam’s Leidseplein Square had been closed down temporarily due to iPad battery explosion in which resulted into vapour leaking on 20th August.

What Exactly Happened At Apple Amsterdam Store

The staff members of Apple immediately dealt with the situation by soaking the device into a sand-filled container. At 2:20 pm firefighters responded to the scene and according to the media reports three people who suffered respiratory issues after the incident were taken to the hospital for treatment.

At 3 pm shoppers and workers were allowed to come back in the shop momentarily. According to several media reports, firefighters were ventilating the space in the hopes of clearing out any harmful chemicals in the surroundings. According to 9to5Mac the official blog of Apple said that this incident has no connection with the iPhone battery replacement program which happened recently.

Previous Incidents

In Spain and Switzerland, both the places this kind of thermal events had occurred earlier this year. Out of this, the incident in Switzerland which occurred in Zurich resulted in one person suffering minor burns and six others were taken for treatment due to smoke inhalation.

Also, from past few years, the serious safety issues such as chemical exposure, fire, and explosion were encountered in the Foxconn, one of the Chinese suppliers of Apple. New York Times and Business Insider have also reported that dangerous and arduous malpractices are still continuing in the branches of Foxconn throughout this year.

Apple also just like many other top mobile phone manufacturing companies uses rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries in their devices because it can store a lot of energy and are compact in size. But, the risk of explosion is higher in lithium-ion batteries if the thin layer of polypropylene is breached.

While the iPhone and MacBook are constantly facing battery problems, it was noted by Gizmodo that overheating and fires are not the main reasons for the explosions. Battery explosions can also result from the overheated flammable electrolyte.

An insider from Apple argued that recent enormous discounts on the battery replacements are in relation with explosions occurring. It should be noted that to attract the customers who were complaining about the battery problems in the Apple’s iPhone the company decided to sell battery replacement at price as low as $29 which was $79 prior to the discounts.

However, Apple advised to its customers to visit Apple or nearest authorized Apple service provider to replace swollen batteries instead of doing it manually.

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