Protect your Website Forms from Spammers by using Antideo

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Email newsletters and mobile subscriptions are well-known marketing strategies. Many businesses, freelancers, individuals offer this option to their target audience. It helps the brands and customers stay in touch with each other. Customers can know about the latest developments and gain access to special offers before others. 

As the number of subscribers grow, businesses notice empty signups and fake accounts increasing in the list. While some emails ids and phone numbers are left unused or changed, others are spammers who wish to take advantage of the subscription system for their personal gains. Brands have to regularly filter such email ids and update their mailing lists. 

Not doing so, can lead to many email bounces which could result in the blacklisting of the registered domain address through which the brand sends the newsletters and promotional emails. Even though mailer companies provide options to screen the email ids, having an integrated system within the enterprise will be more beneficial to the business. 

Antideo is an efficient API that can verify the email ids and phone numbers to confirm that they are genuine. The IP addresses and the locations are validated against an extensive database to ensure that spammers and cybercriminals are not entering the mailing list of the business. 

What Does Antideo Do? 

Antideo acts as a filter that detects and removes fake, suspicious, and spam email ids to prevent your mailing list from being corrupted. The API can prevent spammers from even signing up to your newsletter instead of removing them afterward. It provides the following services- 

➢ Detect the IP location 

➢ Check for proxy IPs 

➢ Prevent the system from accepting temporary emails 

➢ Validate the web and mobile app sign-ups 

➢ Stop known spammers from signing up for newsletter 

➢ Validate the phone numbers and identify the source country 

➢ Monitor open-source lists of spammers and update database

Why Should You Use Antideo API? 

Antideo has been exclusively developed to provide 24×7 access in orde to ensure that no suspicious or fake accounts are created to take advantage of your marketing strategies. 

✓ Antideo can save your marketing investment from being wasted on spammers 

✓ Your mailing list will be healthy 

✓ Prevent your mailing domain from being flagged or backlisted 

✓ Antideo observes industry best practices for data security and data privacy

✓ The platform constantly monitors spam lists and stays updated

✓ Easy to integrate into the existing system through API or WordPress plug-in 

✓ Antideo processes 400,000+ API calls every month

✓ Affordable pricing and a free plan for starters and small businesses 

✓ Improve your returns from email and SMS marketing 

✓ Stop your newsletters from being sent to non-existent email addresses

✓ Safeguard your reputation in the market 

Antideo Services

1.)Phone Number Validation 

It doesn’t matter if the number belongs to a landline, mobile phone, toll-free, or VoIP device. Antideo can track the source and validate every number in the database and the new ones that are added. 

Get API usage stats directly to the dashboard

Use encrypted API for data security 

Works for personal and business numbers

Check the number format and sends a live ping to validate it 

2.)Email Validation API 

Antideo API works in real-time to detect temporary and spam emails and weed them out from the system. Why allow spammers join your mailing list and eat away your valuable marketing resources? 

Identify and block free emails that may not convert when selling B2B 

API integration that can work with any website, mobile app or web form

Spam and scam email detection 

Syntax validation and generic email detection

The company is working on introducing an email verification feature to the API 

3.)WordPress Email Validation Plug-in 

A multi-angle validation process is set by Antideo to ensure that no email is left out unscreened and enters the mailing list. The plug-in is also capable of alerting you about syntax errors in the email ids. 

Detects generic emails and restrict role based email addresses in the mailing lists 

Allow only email addresses from business domains for better B2B marketing opportunities 

Check MX Records to restrict email addresses from invalid domains

4.) IP Health Check 

What is the IP reputation of website visitors or new sign-ups? Identify fraudsters from placing an order on the eCommerce websites and flag their attempts. Gather IP information without violating the data privacy regulations using Antideo IP Health check. 

Detect toxic IPs

Identify the IP location, host, etc. 

Detect ISP/ ASN service provider details 

Final Conclusion 

Antideo is a comprehensive platform that works to keep your outreach channels free and healthy at all times. You can try the free test drive options on the website to understand how it works. 

We have installed the Antideo WordPress plug-in and were surprised to see how efficient it is. A big list of email ids that were filtered and blocked right during form submission without those entering our lists. The dashboard allowed us to see the number of email addresses that were blocked and also a complete list of every email address that was blocked. Also the feature to maintain our own blacklist and whitelist for email addresses and domains is handy.

Antideo is definitely a must for every website that has a form, to stop spamming