What You Need to Know About ID Card Software 

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ID cards (identification cards) are widely used by various organizations. An ID card helps authenticate a person’s identity and serves as proof of identity. It is the basic security feature in all organizations and educational institutions. Companies, agencies, and establishments create ID cards for employees, interns, students, customers, etc., to prevent unauthorized entry or access.

From designing to printing, you can do everything on your own with reputed ID card software. No need to hire third-party service providers or share confidential information with others. SMBs and large enterprises can rely on ID card software to create identification cards in-house and distribute them to the employees. 

What is ID Card Software? 

An ID Card Software is a computer-based technological solution to design identification cards or badges and customize them to suit your requirements. The software can be integrated with your employee/ student database to create hundreds and thousands of cards. 

Various options are available in the market, ranging from basic to complex. The ID card software can be categorized into the following: 

→ Entry Level 

This is the basic software with simple features. It is used by startups and small businesses with fewer employees. It has a limited number of fields and works well with smaller databases. The software may also have fewer integration or connectivity and language options. 

→ Advanced 

The advanced-level ID card software has more features and can be integrated with external databases. It can also print cards in batches and include placeholders in the design. Companies that require more than one type of ID card can use advanced software to save time and money. 

→ Fully-Featured 

Enterprises and multinational companies need the latest ID Card Software with features like web-based printing, multi-PC connectivity, multiple layout options, fingerprinter, auto face cropping, etc. The employees’ details can be derived from different databases. The software may also offer encryption and other security features to keep the data confidential. 

How to Choose the Best ID Card Software for Your Business (Top features to look for)

1.) User-Friendliness

Not all ID card software solutions are easy to use. The ones developed for professional card markers can be complicated and have too many features not necessary for organizations. While some basic training might be necessary, you can still buy easy-to-use software and design ID cards in your office. Bodno is a great example of efficient and user-friendly ID card software. 

2.) Data Security 

Some types of ID card software have internal databases and store employee information, while others are connected to third-party apps and databases like Excel. Entry-level software has an internal database with a limited count. Advanced and Enterprise editions offer greater security and integration options. 

3.) Multilingual Support 

Does the ID card software read text from different languages? Multilingual support is necessary to create cards for a diverse group of people or if the cards will be in languages other than English. For example, Nordic and Russian names tend to have alphabets from their native languages, which are not found in English. 

4.) Printer and OS Compatibility 

Another important aspect is the ID card software’s compatibility with other networks, printers, and operating systems. Does the software work with Windows and macOS computers? Can it be used on multiple computers? Can it be connected with physical and web printers? An ID card software with flexible connectivity is a better choice. 

5.) Versatility 

ID Card Software is not limited to creating employee/ student identification cards. It can also be used to design customer loyalty or membership cards, attendance badges, payment cards, event passes, special passes or badges, access-control badges, and more. For example, you can create ID cards with a barcode or QR code that can be scanned to authenticate the person or provide access to certain areas in the office. 

6.) Customer Support 

Customer support is a vital factor when choosing ID card software. You want a vendor who is easily accessible and provides quick solutions. For example, Bodno offers excellent customer support and is available at 732-987-5300 or you can also email at info@bodno.com. Moreover, the company provides supporting ID card printers and accessories for varied requirements. It is a one-stop solution for all your ID card/ badge designing and printing needs. 

What do customers say about Bodno ID card software?

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Bodno Software Pricing

Bodno Software Pricing

To Sum Up 

No matter what type of ID cards and badges you want to create, it can be easily done by investing in dependable  ID Card Software with extensive features. Whether you own an emerging business or a successful brand, the software can help design a wide range of cards according to your specifications. 

Choose ID card software that aligns with your requirements and budget. Bodno offers multiple editions for subscription so that every establishment can find the most convenient fit. The company also provides monthly, yearly, and one-time payment options. Growing businesses can opt for annual subscriptions and upgrade whenever necessary.