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Stellar Data Recovery Reviews – 4 Best Data Recovery Software



Stellar Phoenix Recovery  is a prominent name in  Data Recovery company with more then 2 million happy customers helping consumers, professionals and enterprises around the globe to recover data from windows and mac OS since 1993, located in 3 countries and software is downloaded and purchased in more then 190 countries.

Whenever we gossip about how to recover lost or deleted files then only 2 resolution rolled out

  1. Backup your data
  2. Try some Recovery software

Agony caused due to data loss turned into serious problems sometimes if you don’t know how to recover your lost or deleted files hence after doing lot testing the recovery tools of Stellar we reviewed best data recovery software which can help you to recover in any manner.

Key Features of Best Data Recovery Software

  • Recover Data from your internal and external hardrives
  • Quick Scan and Deep Scan Feature
  • Choose Option of Scanning
  • Preview your recovered file
  • Recovery and file
  • Lifetime License
  • Chat Support

Stellar can help your to convalesce your data which you have lost accidently regardless of any file type as they have contrasting options of doing recovery from your system with a support of large variation of file formats and you can recovery from any storage media type

Today we are going to discuss about 4 best data recovery software of Stellar but before we dive into that let’s discuss more on data.

What is Data and how important it is?

Data is a record of your files , can be a piece of information which is stored in your machine.It can be your important documents, photos, videos, files,movies etc.It’s very important to take back up of your data and if your data is lost by faux then you can take a help of Stellar Data Recovery.

Why we have selected Stellar Data Recovery tools ?

On the basis of certain parameters we have nominated Stellar is best when we talk about best data recovery software.

  1. Software is safe to download
  2. Can recover any type of data from multiple devices
  3. Compatible with latest Windows and Mac OS
  4. 30 days Money Back Gurantee
  5.  Excellent customer support

4 Best Data Recovery Software

  1. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is an advance recovery software available in Home, Professional and Technician helping consumers, professionals, small, medium and large enterprise to convalesce data which is completely lost.

Key Features of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home, Professional and Tech

  • Recovery from internal and external hard drives
  • Recover photos, audios , videos, ms-office files
  • Recover your disk partitions
  • Recover files from any storage media such as memory card, USB, CD/DVD.
  • Recovery from RAID
  • Remote Recovery
  • Resume Recovery and continue later on
  • Cloning


  • Deep scanning is available and search each folders and files with option of preview.
  • Free Recovery Till 1GB

2. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery  is one of the best mac recovery tool that can help you to recover lost photos, videos, documents on mac which is deleted accidently, formatting or data corruption.Mac Recovery tool scans your entire storage media which can be your hardrive, pendrive, memory card.

Key Features of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

  • Recover files on Macbook Pro, Air, Mac Mini,  Mac Pro and iMac
  • Supports a wide variety of file formats for images, videos and audio
  • Powerful scan engine that quickly scans every corner of mac volume
  • Recover from Internal and external drives, Ipod and Digital Cameras
  • Supports Mac OS Sierra 10.5 and Above


  • Interface is user friendly and quick scan process

Conclusion :- Stellar Mac Data Recovery is the best recovery software as we have tested on various system and the performance of this tool is outstanding when doing recovery.

3.  Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

I know you feel imperfect when you beautiful photographs get deleted which really means a lot to you and you don’t know how to recover. Recently i was in USA to attend the summit of photography and got a chance to interviewed some famous photographers and i asked them what will you do when your favorite photographs get deleted accidently or corrupted that they said we have no option to recover  si suggested them Photo Recovery tool which has the capability to recover photos from Windows and Mac OS.I asked them to test the tool and i can see the happiness on the faces when they are able to recover deleted photos.

Key Features  of  Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • Recover Photos from digital cameras, memory cards, USB
  • Support more then 100 multimedia files
  • Recover photos that are corrupted or deleted
  • Recovery deleted pictures from any file type
  • Recover HD files, move files and raw images


  • Interface is really user friendly
  • Outstanding Performance

4. Stellar Phoenix Iphone Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Iphone Data Recovery help you to recover lost or deleted contacts, whatsapp messages, call history, notes from IOS devices, Itunes backup and Cloud.

Either you take a backup or recover data from using iphone data recovery.

What are the scenarios when you have to you Stellar Phoenix Iphone Recovery Tool

  • You deleted some folder but now you want to recover and you don’t have backup
  • After updating your IOS you lost your data
  • Recover data when your phone is even locked

Key Features  of  Stellar Phoenix Iphone Data Recovery

  • Recover lost data from icloud backup files
  • Recovery whatapp data
  • Recovery from various IOS devices such as (Iphone &  Ipad)
  • Supports Iphone 7 Plus, 7, 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5c, 5, 4S and 4

Pros:- Easily recover from Multiple IOS devices

Final Conclusion.

No company is better then Stellar in terms of providing best data recovery solutions that too at economical price as compared to market. You can try and use any of the above recovery tool according to your choice as they were nominated as the best data recovery software by our team of experts.

Let us know your experience …

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