Momo Challenge WhatsApp – The New Sensational Game

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Momo Challenge WhatsApp

Who doesn’t love challenges in games? For the ones who adore challenges, Momo Challenge Whatsapp is the answer. From teenagers to children this new game is quite popular. The adrenaline rush is sure to start due to this. Users are sent instructions and once they don’t follow it, the users are threatened by the violent images.

The most intriguing part of the game is that the users have to have a very strong heart to bear the faces and woes of the violent images. A grotesque woman is used for the challenge in a pattern in the form of artwork.  As the makers of the game say the artwork is known as Mother Bird and is also linked with Link Factory. There are many speculations to the origin of the game. The users are contacted through unknown numbers. Then the instructions are being sent to them.

The most challenging thong about the game is the face of the woman which is being used. It is a girl’s face who has popped eyes and they are bulged out like the momo. The body of the woman is curved and it seems much smaller than the face. Also, if the users deny to follow the game’s orders and dares then they are sent the violent images.  There is no concrete phone number associated with it and there are many faike numbers which are found.

What need to be understood is, it’s just a game and it should be played in that spirit only. There is a challenge which should be undertaken, once the phone number is saved. Anything beyond this should be avoided.  If someone doesn’t have the guts to see or bear the violent images than one should not take the challenge. The game is really interesting and for the ones who love challenges.

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