Go live in 2 minutes + 5 More Reasons why WordPress Hosting is The Best Bet

Reading Time: 3 minutes

There’s a fine line between successful WordPress sites and not-so-successful ones. The key component that decides whether your website will make it or break it for you is its web hosting services. Often overlooked, it is one of the crucial elements that can improve your sales and boost your SEO

If you have not been living under a rock, you know that for your business to succeed online in today’s world, you’ve to efficiently juggle a wide range of things – from content to advertising, to marketing. And, it goes without saying this is no easy job – it can become very stressful and overwhelming. 

This is where managed WordPress hosting comes in – it can help you create a robust online presence. But, is that all? Of course not!

Here are 5 reasons why WordPress Hosting can be one of the most important decisions you make for your business:

1. Optimized for top performance always

Performance matters, and you know that! Pages need to load – fast! 

The best WordPress hosting services will let you stay live and enjoy 99 percent uptime! How do they do that? They have better infrastructure, and integrate your sites with Content Delivery Network (CDN) besides using the best plugins! 

Your business can’t deal with downtimes, delays and disappointments – hence, shift to a WordPress hosting that’s the fastest and also causes no delays, like EP They configure everything for you so that you enjoy best performance since the time you set up shop. It is simple, flexible and has pricing plans that suits everyone. 

2. They take care of everyday website maintenance

Running a WordPress site is much more than uploading content and responding to your target audience. A lot of work goes on behind the wings – from backing up your site for emergencies to setting up and configuring themes – to ensuring your plugins are up-to-date! 

Opt for a managed web hosting service that will keep your website up and running – while you focus on other critical jobs. Time is money, remember that! 

3. You enjoy access to superior support

One of the best advantages of using managed WordPress Hosting is having experts handle the technical challenges and troubleshooting issues that could take you days to fathom and figure. 

These folks will have your website up and running within a few minutes and would spot issues even before they arise, so that you don’t become a victim of downtime or delays! 

4. They provide greater protection and advanced security

When you opt for a reputed managed WordPress hosting service, you’re automatically signing up for better security. What do we mean? 

Well, read on – As WordPress is so widely popular, it is also more prone to attacks which usually occur out of user error, like entering the wrong password and the like! 

In the best scenarios, you’ll have the updates of plugins, themes and features automatically – thus saving you user errors! And, for ensuring better protecting against security breaches, you’ll have your hands on Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificates and also free setup and installation! 

Besides, encryption – there’s also backup! And, in case the worst befalls, you can always reset because you have backup to fall back upon. 

5. You Focus on the Content, They Make Sure it Sells

Having great content does not cut it in today’s world, and if you’re in the industry, you know it! You’ve to know the best ways to sell it – and sell it faster than your contemporaries! 

Opting for managed web hosting lets you have more control on your time. A managed plan will not have you spending your precious hours for optimization, security or maintenance. You know, they are in good hands and hence you’ll be in a better position to grow and improve your output! 

There are a lot of WordPress hosting services in the market – and rather, expensive ones! But, what if we told you – you can enjoy the fastest services also at the most affordable pricing? Well, don’t believe us! Try it at $0.01 for the first month – and tell us! 

Easy WP ensures seamless scalability, installation in less than 2 minutes, safe backup, STFP and database access besides a simple dashboard that lets you manage all your WordPress sites at once! Faster speed, 50K visitors and 99.9 percent uptime – all starting as low as $3.88!