Xoxoday Review 2023:- B2B Rewarding Platform (Updated)

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What’s the more important aspect to consider for a business to survive? While there are multiple factors, humans (or people) play a vital role within and outside an organization. Be it the stakeholders, employees, customers, or clients, it is people who have the power to make or break an enterprise. It’s people who decide which software and tools to use in the business systems. 

Focusing on these, people will help you create a long-lasting business even in the most competitive market conditions. Several tools and apps are available to manage human resources and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Wouldn’t it be easy to use the products developed by a single company to take care of your employees, the sales growth, and customer rewards? Wouldn’t it be easy to integrate APIs to apps and simply the digital reward system? 

Xoxoday was founded in 2018 as a B2B rewarding platform to help organizations across the world create a solid infrastructure that can be used to manage employees, agents, distributors, customers, clients, and much more.  

Let’s have a look at the Xoxoday products

1. Emplus- Employee Engagement Solution 

Employee Engagement Solution

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the measure of an employee’s commitment to the organization and day-to-day work. It shows how much willing an employee is to help the management achieve the enterprise goals. 

It’s hardly easy to ensure employee engagement without caring for them. Emplus by Xoxoday is an all-in-one solution to increase employee engagement using three simple steps- listen to their issues, diagnose the actual problem, and act on it to provide a solution. 

By integrating Emplus with workflow tools like Teams, Slack, Gusto, etc., you can ensure that your employees (local and remote) are satisfied and happy with the enterprise. Measuring employee engagement is now easy and accurate.  


  • A multi-lingual tool that doesn’t let language barriers prevent communication. 
  • Artificial intelligence bots send alerts and notifications to individual employees and teams. 
  • Access to Android and iOS mobile apps as well as web and desktop browser apps.
  • Admin dashboard to manage user permission, restrict access and set controls.
  • No compromise on data security- SoC2, ISO, and GDPR compliance.
  • Provide quick access to users, files, images, etc., in the system 
  • Whitelabel software and custom branding to make employees feel closer to the organization.
  • Super-easy user interface that takes just one day to be deployed in an enterprise. Emplus is the future of employee engagement. 
  • Use your single account login for Emplus as well. Whether it is Okta, Onelogin, SAML, or any other app, log in without any trouble.

2. Plum- Digital Rewards Solution 

Be it employees, agents, distributors, or consumers, a reward system is a great way to keep them happy. But managing the gift card rewards program can be a headache if you don’t have the platform to monitor and track the reward points.  

Digital Rewards Solution

Plum is an easy-to-use reward management system that can be created, designed, and integrated in just 60 mins. You can create a new rewards app or integrate the feature with an existing one. Connect the app to your business KPIs and measure how the program is helping you achieve your goals in lesser time. 


  • Plum offers an omnichannel distribution for messages. Send SMS, email, WhatsApp messages, QR codes, etc.
  • Create a catalog and custom brand the platform. Customize bulk messages to send to employees, agents, consumers, etc.
  • Access the global rewards catalog and choose from more than 20,000 options of rewards and gifts. 
  • Get reports and analytical insights to manage the reward budget and optimize the return on investment. 

Plum is an employee rewards platform that provides you full control over the reward schedule, rules, T&C, and the hierarchical budget. The digital rewards automation engine can be used by-

  • Marketers to acquire and retain customers, increase referrals and boost brand engagement 
  • Human resources to manage employee satisfaction through gifts and rewards programs
  • Sales team to shorten the lead cycle and increase the conversion rate 
  • Agencies to attract and empower clients 
  • Researchers to increase response to surveys
  • Developers to add digital prepaid solutions API to existing and new apps 

3. Compass- Speed up Sales 

sales gamification

What is Sales Gamification?

Sales gamification is software that uses competition and incentives to encourage the sales team to close more leads and generate extra sales. Compass is a holistic sales gamification platform that lets you design and builds your own programs to encourage employees. 


  • Managing sales teams remotely is now an effortless job, no matter where your employees are working.
  • It helps reduce the incentive processing time by a whopping 95%. Imagine that!  
  • Integrate and define KPIs and increase the performance by up to 40% to achieve your goals faster. 
  • Provide bit-e-sized nuggets to help employees increase their success rate and thereby increase sales. 
  • Choose templates, incentive compensation calculation formulae, and performance tags to suit your model. 
  • Automate the process so that each sales representative’s scorecard reflects live scores and achievements. 
  • Send the commission and rewards to the employee’s bank accounts with just one click. Show them how transparent the system is. 
  • Compass lets you create a leaderboard to motivate employees and boost their morale to achieve greater results for themselves and the business.

The sales incentive compensation management software is not restricted to just sales teams. It can be used for various other teams such as-

  • Call center agents and support teams to provide real-time incentives for improving customer satisfaction.  
  • Delivery workers, drivers, and warehouse employees to motive them to smoothly run the logistics of a business.
  • Advisors and partners can boost the performance of the entire business through their inputs.

Final Conclusion 

When more than 1000 companies from 20 countries are using Xoxoday APIs and applications, why wait any longer? From improving sales to understanding customer behavior and increasing employee engagement, the products by Xoxoday can change your business and give it a fresh boost to conquer new markets. You can gain access to the trial version of the products by signing up on the company website.