Workee Review 2023:-  Manage Appointments, Clients, and More from a Single Interface 

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Many professionals these days prefer to freelance and start their consulting services. The freedom of working for themselves cannot be replicated in an office. However, starting out on your own can be stressful and expensive in today’s world. You need an appealing website to attract your target audience, provide communication channels to approach you, and manage projects, payments, etc. 

Workee is the easiest and simplest personal website builder developed for tutors and freelancers from the private sector. You can create a personalized website with various functionalities like built-in booking, scheduling meetings, and payment gateway integrations in less than a minute. 

Workee - No Code Website Builder

Workee allows emerging and specialist freelancers to get booked and paid directly through the website, that too with 0% fees. Automate work and client management using this out-of-the-box solution. The platform has a neat interface with self-explanatory tabs to manage your work easily.   

We’ll review the Workee web app in detail and determine its advantages here. 

How to Use Workee?

Create a free account on the Workee website using your email ID. There is no need to provide credit card information. 

Create a free Workee account

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your account. Then start by creating a website for people to know about you.

The no-code website is automatically generated based on the input data you provide. You can edit the text, change images, add a logo, and customize the font, color scheme, etc. The process of choosing a domain name is also easy. There’s no need to worry about hosting services or anything else. 

No Code Website

Once the basic site is ready, add the list of jobs/ services you offer along with the description and charges. 

Jobs & Services

Then, mention the days and timings when you will be available to discuss work with your clients. Use the built-in calendar to create your schedule. You can also book meetings in advance. It alerts you when you try to double-book and prevents confusion. Furthermore, you can choose between the built-in video camera, Google Hangouts, or Zoom to conduct video meetings with clients. 

Generating invoices is also automated and simplified on Workee. An invoice will be generated even for free services, clearly mentioning the payment as $0.00.


Once you complete all steps, your Workee interface is ready. Start promoting your website on the internet and become a successful freelancer.  

Highlights of Workee 

Personal Website 
No more worrying about code or contacting developers to design the site. Build your own website on Workee and customize it to suit your taste. 

Scheduling and Booking

Let clients know when to approach you. Book meetings and video calls in advance and set up reminders.

Project and Job Management 
Have a clear idea of new, ongoing, completed, and archived projects without juggling multiple apps. 

Manage Clients

Track your clients with ease. Details like contact information, the number of projects, etc., are available with a single click. 

Payments and Invoices 

Automatically create invoices for the current project. Make changes to add additional charges if necessary and send them to the client from the same interface.  Workee offers full integration of PayPal and Stripe for direct payments to your account for a 0% fee. 

Third-Party Integrations 

Login to Workee with your Google account to sync your Workee data across Contacts and Calendars. It takes less than a minute to integrate your Google/ Zoom account with Workee. You can use Zoom or Google Meet for video calls with clients. Integrating Workee with these services takes less than a minute. 

Reasons to Use Workee

1.) Workee has an unlimited free Starter plan. Newly arrived and upcoming freelancers can use Workee to save time and money while establishing themselves and growing their market presence. 

2.) The platform caters to professionals from various industries like teaching, creative design, coaching, consulting, marketing, law, diet & nutrition, stylists, yoga, and much more. Anyone who offers online services can use Workee.

3.) The platform gives the utmost importance to data security. It adheres to the international data regulatory standards and uses top-quality IT systems to minimize cyber threats.

4.) It is an all-in-one platform with a user-friendly and clean interface. You can also check out the tutorial videos on YouTube to understand how it works.

5.) Great testimonials by professionals using Workee to manage and grow their network. 

Workee Pricing 

Workee has two plans:- Starter and Pro. The Starter plan is available for free. The Pro version is currently being beta tested and is also available for free. The company will charge a monthly subscription after officially launching the Pro version is officially launched. 

It doesn’t charge a commission or deduct usage fees from invoice payments. However, the transaction fee charged by third-party payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal will be applicable. 

Workee Pricing

Final Takeaway

Workee is a well-known website builder helping emerging professionals build a brand reputation. The CEO and team of developers constantly work on adding new features to the platform. Workee is compatible with desktops and smartphones. 

Professionals from any industry can use the web app to create their website and manage their growing projects in a quick time. Moreover, Workee Pro is currently free in its beta stage. Use advanced features without paying for them. Check out Workee today!