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Windows Vs Mac

Mac or Windows, which one to choose is today’s biggest dilemma. Both of them are imbibed with great features, technicalities, and security, however there has to be one between the two. If you are also confused amid two and want to know which one is the best; then check this out. To understand the difference between these two, we have to look at their features one by one. So, let us discuss the critical points and then decide which is best among Mac and Windows?

Windows vs. Mac, which is the best to choose?

  • Compatibility – Let us first do the compatibility test between Mac and Windows. We all know that Windows is widely used all over the world compared to Mac. At the same time when it comes to Windows, it works with everything; this means it lets the user to do video editing, work with the application, use any hard drive, media, designs, microphone and so on. But when we consider Mac there are limitations as it works brilliantly only with all the Apple products and now even the Apple watch can be connected to MacOS along with iPad, iPhone, and so on.
  • Technicality – Do you know you can use Windows in Mac? Yes, you can install Windows in your Mac, and all you need to know is whether your Mac supports Windows or not. But if we try to do the same thing with Windows; it is not possible to use Mac with it. Plus there are certain apps in Mac that can only run on its operating system and not on Windows.
  • Security – Windows is more prone to get affected by viruses, malware and can also get hacked. On the other side, Mac has mind bowing and high-end security features and can’t be an easy target. The reason behind this is probably the number of windows and Mac users worldwide. Windows is being used 90% on the whole while Mac comes in limited quantities only. Mac can be targeted with such activities, but the chances are minimal.
  • Operating system – Windows can be used even by a layman, and there is no hard and fast rule to understand its working regime. Whereas, if you are new to Mac then it will take some of your time understanding how it works to adjust with the interface. One plus point of Windows is that it brings in regular updates while Mac is still taking time for the next update since last year.

Final words

The battle between Windows and Mac still goes on as there is no clear winner. Windows vs. Mac, which is the best to choose, depends on the preference of the user. For instance, if you want some top-notch experience and a dedicated Apple user, then Mac is for you. While if you are looking for some hardcore work, then Windows is the right choice which has good features and has regular updates too.

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