The Anti-Facebook’ Wikipedia Co-founder Introduces Ad-Free WT Social

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Do you feel sometimes that you are fed up with the way Facebook and Twitter have turned out in recent times? Do the ads and security issues bother you? Well, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has come to your rescue with the launch of Ad-free WT Social, a new social media platform that won’t disappoint you with the annoying ads and security issues.

The intention of the Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales behind the launch of this social-media website WT Social was to correct what Facebook and Twitter did wrong with the users. Hence, this new concept is going to come in open rivalry with the two giants.

What Will WT Social Be About?

The co-founder reveals that Ad-free WT Social started as Wikitribune, a website publishing original news stories based on different community interests. Later on, it was brought out as a social platform.

The social media platform will feature a Facebook-like newsfeed. However, the content will be highlighted by recent phenomena instead of engagement.

Wikipedia co-founder also promises that the website will not host any “low-quality” content like the rivals.

What’s Different with WT ?

The differentiating factor of WT Social is that it won’t be based on an ad-funded model, but will run through donations, just like Wikipedia.

Mr Wales quoted, “The business model of social media companies, of pure advertising, is problematic”.

WT Social also goes ahead and gives all the users the assurance that it would never sell their data.


The platform is made free to join. However, the new users will have to face a wait-list, which can be skipped by donating money. WT Social aims to survive only on donations. Recently, about 160,000 users signed up on the platform of WT Social. So this is all about WT Social.