What’s bitcoin and why people are investing in cryptocurrency

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investing in cryptocurrency

Many people still don’t know what’s bitcoin but after reading the full review I’m 100% sure that you will grab the complete knowledge about bitcoin and you should also get to know why people are investing in cryptocurrency.

People are getting big returns while doing trading and achieving the dreams and they have all started by doing trading with the currency that they are currently using and it’s the same money that’s now in your pocket but today technology has changed and people are doing bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency which is completely untouchable created and developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto who bought the idea of developing bitcoins. With the help of bitcoin, you can easily transfer money to any other person staying in any part of the country without the help of a broker.

Bitcoins also was known as “cryptocurrency” which is created and built by supercomputers and is one of the safest currency ever.

You can buy bitcoin anytime which is stored electronically but it’s so volatile whose value is up or down within the fraction of seconds hence you should be careful when doing bitcoin trading.

How Bitcoins Work?

Bitcoin is a “cryptocurrency” which means no one can copy the currency in any manner so you can completely trust bitcoin and every bitcoin transaction is recorded using blockchain.It’s just a number associated with an internet address which you can store on any of your storage device or mobile phone and used it.Bitcoins are mined by powerful computer and you can use it multiple times you want.

Why are people investing in cryptocurrency and doing bitcoin trading?

Bitcoins are just too volatile and you can see fluctuations in prices in just a fractions of seconds hence no one can predict when is the best time of selling and buying bitcoins  In 2016  bitcoin cross the mark of $1000 and now in just 1 year it’s value is $4282.01 so you can see a rise in the price, it has a taken a jump of $3282.

Tim Draper says by 2018 value of 1 bitcoin can hit $10,000 – Read the full article here

2 wonderful reason why people are super excited about buying bitcoin instantly

  1. No Involvement of banks and government

You should not rely on your bank or government for exchange of currencies and hence we can say that you are just snatching the power from banks

  1. No Additional value you have to pay to the third party.

No need to pay any additional amount to broker or bank in exchange for currency as bitcoin is there in the market.

Final Conclusion:- Should you do investment in cryptocurrency?

The currency which is so volatile in nature as today you paying X money to buy 1 bitcoin and expecting X+1 money instantly when you are selling – To me, it’s a hypothetical situation hence we suggest you start bitcoin trading with $100 and then test its benefits.

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