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Is your computer hardware undergoing with any trouble and are you unable to prop up with the exact solution? These situations are likely to happen so here I will provide the best solution for these problems concerning the hardware and how you can rectify it all by yourself. Device Manager is one such tool that will grant you the optimum results no matter whether it is updating the device drivers, has errors with any hardware or so on.

Device Manager

What is Device Manager?

In simple words, device manager can be termed as a utility tool of the control panel or its applet. The main purpose to design this tool is to give access to the users pertaining to the hardware that is no more showing the compatibility and to gain the status information. Here the user can view the hardware and control it. This device was launched with Windows 95.

How to open Device Manager?

Very few people are aware of this tool and those who are not, I am going to tell you the easy method to open and access device manager. First of all, one should know that this tool is obtainable on Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, MF, 2003, Vista and 7, 8, 10.

  • Open the control panel. Note – The control panel depends on the windows version you are using. Check out the following –
    • The start menu or
    • The apps screen
    • Power user menu
    • For keyboard – Press the Windows and X keys mutually.

Tip – For instance, if you are going with the first option, i.e., the start menu – click on it and search for control panel using the search box or in the submenu. Do similarly for the rest of the options.

  • The next step entirely depends on the windows version that you are using, so let me help you out in a simple way to avoid confusion. If you are using Windows 10, then you will get the control panel under Hardware and sound; likewise for Windows 8. For Windows 7 – System & security, for Windows Vista – System and maintenance and for Windows XP look for Performance and maintenance.
  • Once you have opened the control panel screen look out for the Device Manager.

Control Panel

  • Open the device manager, and now you can do the following – view the hardware status, disable or enable, install and restore the drivers, rectify the malfunctioning and likewise.

Shortcut To Open Control Panel

Press Windows + Run and Type appwiz.cpl

Final words

Device Manager is a far-fetched tool that can give you the liberty to access the hardware devices of all types be it keyboards, USB, hard drives and soon. Subsequently, if you have any issues with any of these, you can wipe out the same in simple steps itself.  It is a reliable tool for Windows concerning hardware issues; mark my words!


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