All about Blackjack game! Game Rules – How to Play and Make Money

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BlackJack Game

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Blackjack is a popular American casino game, where it is all about skills and some mathematics tricks. This game is also known as twenty-one and even as banking game. If you are new to this iconic game or are willing to excel your skills, then let us discuss what blackjack game is and some of its surprising facts.

Blackjack Game – Synopsis

In blackjack game, we have several players who are playing with a motive to draw the highest score with the specified rules. This game is performed on the semicircle podium where there are different players like 5, 7 or 12 depending on the available spots. The difference in this game is that here we have a dealer who will stand beside the table and will be the one who will distribute the cards. There is a misapprehension here that the players are playing against each other; as the whole concept is to win over the dealer.

What are the rules to win in Blackjack Game

There are specific specified rules to follow in this game, check them below –

  • First and foremost you have to get the highest score than that of the dealer.
  • When you have the hand value of 21 in the first two cards

In all the above instances you will have the upper hand and can beat the dealer.

What are the values of cards or how to count the cards?

The card calculation of blackjack game is straightforward as

  • All the cards between two to ten will count as the same,
  • Value of Ace is 1 and probably ranges till 11 depending on the appropriateness
  • Value of all the face cards will be 10.

Final words

Blackjack game does not want you to be an expert. If you are comfortable with simple mathematics and carry on with the game rules then you are inevitably going to win it. It only needs a little bit of preparation. Nowadays you can play this game online and can download it from playstore as well. Plus there are many blackjack games online; playing which you can win good money.

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