QR Code: The 2 Dimensional code for Quick Response

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QR code

Many Smartphone users will be familiar with the black and white printed tag. We commonly use it to scan our movie tickets or ‘share it’ accountor sometimes even to pay via Paytm. This code was first designed in Japan to access information in an automotive industry. This quick response code can be easily read by a scanner or imaging device. Initially, it was used to track parts in vehicle manufacturing. But nowadays it is widely used in various applications. It can be read from any direction with 360-degree access which is because of the pattern found at the corners of the symbol. One can easily create their own code with QR code generator.

Types of QR code

Model 1 has the ability to store 1167 numerals. Model 2 is capable of storing 7089 numerals. Micro QR uses a minimum area for the print. IQR can be either printed in the shape of square or rectangle. SQR can store private information with certain functional restrictions to maintain the company’s secret.

Barcode v/s QR code

Compared to a barcode, QR code can scan instantly and have greater storage capacity. A barcode is one directional and has a capacity to store only 20 digits. But on the other hand, this 2D code can store 10 times more information than a barcode. It is very stable and can be used for a long time.


The main use of QR code is consumer advertising. One can use this code to easily spread contents quickly and effectively. Any websites can be accessed easily within seconds. The conversion rate is so high which is the major advantage of this QR code. One can easily gain the user’s time using this code as it is so tempting and interesting.


  • One can easily scan this code using Smartphone. Various apps are available to scan this code.
  • QR codes cost nothing and it is used for managing all types of data like letters, numbers, audios, and videos.
  • No one is ready to waste even a single minute. So fast scanning is a major advantage.
  • This code is capable of performing error correction. For example, if a small area of a code is damaged, it can easily identify the missing part. But restoration is proportional to damage intensity we can’t assure the restoration.

Final Thoughts

One can easily market websites, coupon details, product details, contact details, event details, facebook ids and YouTube videos using this code. The future for this amazing code is wide and great. This is going to establish a easy quick way of spreading or transferring information. In near future, it is going to become viral and will be used for many applications.

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