WavGrind Review 2023: Perfect Drum Samples for Music Creators

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Music producers and content creators always look for different sounds and combinations to produce innovative and attractive music tracks. Many growing artists rely on royalty-free music kits and tunes available online to enhance their creations. Several websites offer royalty-free music for budget-friendly prices. However, not all of them are useful for creators. 

WavGrind is a music production company that offers high-quality samples for pocket-friendly prices. The company has an array of melody packs and kits to choose from. 

In this post, we’ll review one of the best-selling kits- the New York Drum Kit by WavGrind. 

Company Overview 

WavGrind is well-known brand in the music industry and specializes in creating sample packs, sound designs, and music education. The company was founded in 2020 by Luke (Legacy Beats). It is also home to many music producers like Prod HZ, 808 Zaddy, Emzy, Transcend Beats, etc. It provides more than 100 royalty-free sample packs and bundles to add different tracks and create entertaining music/ videos. 

The company has more than 10,000 customers and a high satisfaction rate. It also offers a 100% money-back guarantee with no strings attached. WavGrind says that its clients rarely ask for refunds as they love the samples and MIDI provided by the company. 

About New York Drum Kit 

New York Drum Kit is a collection of 391 professional drum samples that go with any genre and type of music. The samples are high-quality and completely royalty-free. There’s no need to give credit to the original creator and worry about copyright issues when using the samples for commercial purposes. 

The entire drum kit is 46MB in size and can be downloaded with a single click after you complete the payment process. But what if you want to know about the type of sounds available in the kit? 

WavGrind has uploaded eight sample sounds on the product page for users to get an idea about the tracks in the kit. Listen to them as many times as you want and make your decision.

You can contact the support team if you have more queries. Sounds cool, right? 

Top Reasons to Buy New York Drum Kit from WavGrind 

1.) Great Quality 

The New York Drum Kit has great drum sounds and samples for top-quality music production. The sounds blend in with your tracks and enhance the overall quality of your creation. Produce appealing music to attract more listeners and audiophiles to your content. 

2.) Diverse Selection 

The New York Drum Kit is not limited to a single music genre or type. With 391 samples in the kit, the company has ensured that they cover a wide range of styles used by different music producers. 

3.) Easy to Use 

There is no complication about adding the samples to your existing tracks. You just have to drag and drop the sound into the music software. Pair it with other sounds and melodies the way you normally do. 

4.) Software & Hardware Compatibility 

The biggest reason to use the New York Drum Kit by WavGrind is its compatibility with all kinds of music-producing and mixing software applications. It is also compatible with different hardware. 

5.) No Restrictions 

Once you buy the sample packs, there are no restrictions on how you should use them. Copyrights or geographical restrictions don’t matter. You can use them the way you want. 

6.) Customer Testimonials 

Various users have shared happy testimonials expressing their satisfaction with the samples. The New York Drum Kit alone could help you create countless tracks and varied content based on your requirements and preferences. The company is also known for its reliable customer support. 

New York Drum Kit Pricing 

The New York Drum Kit costs $10. 

The company offers multiple payment options like PayPal, AMEX, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Shop Pay, etc. Create a free account on the WavGrind website and buy samples as and when you want them. The process is simple, fast, and hassle-free. The New York Drum Kit will be electronically delivered to your device. 

Customer’s Feedback about WavGrind

Final Words 

WavGrind is a one-stop destination to access premium-quality royalty-free music samples. You can buy individual tracks and melodies or kits/ bundles with a collection of sounds. The New York Drum Kit combines drum sounds from an array of genres and music styles. 

The tracks can be seamlessly paired with other sounds and melodies to create versatile music for personal and commercial use. We love the samples in the New York Drum kit and use them with our promotional content. Check out WavGrind’s official website for some free sample packs