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Flipkart Video Streaming Service

Image Source:- Forbes

Flipkart is one of the breakneck competitors of Amazon and it has revealed that it will be launching an array of technological initiatives to engulf around 200 million consumers online. This E-Commerce company which is supervised by Walmart has come up with an innovative idea that it will bring up the Hindi version of the Flipkart application alongside Flipkart videos. Similar to Amazon Prime, the Flipkart videos will comprise of movies, web series, and other entertaining shows. Flipkart will launch this system in order to bring forward a new range of products to the customers according to their specific requirements. This will not only make sure that the consumers are benefited but also affirm that the competition with Amazon is going to be hard. The main motive of the company has been to create an absolute digital India with the finest Technological Solutions within affordable prices. The CEO of Flipkart group Kalyan Krishnamurthy believes that the future of the next generation lies with the E-Commerce segment and the country will grow forward with this dimension.

Very soon, the Flipkart application will be launched in the Hindi version and there are ongoing plans of putting it forward in other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali. When it comes to language as a hindrance Flipkart believes in abolishing all such problems, therefore resurfacing with the official language of India. In addition to that Flipkart has also implemented technology in a way so that audiovisual navigation can be done and the platform can be easier for non-tech savvy consumers. This will not only grab new customers but also will help them in giving a surreal shopping experience. Most of the consumers will be able to relate through online and audiovisual content and the platform will be more engaging if the changes can be implemented fast.