Freelancing Jobs at Your Fingertips with Vollna – 14 days Free Trial

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Being a freelancer gives us a lot of freedom. We can choose the projects we want to take up and work on. At the same time, it is quite challenging to find jobs as a freelancer. Sometimes there are too many of them, and at times, nothing. 

It can get frustrating to constantly check the freelancing websites and apply for jobs. Even with websites that act as third-party platforms, you have to keep checking the site for updates. Wouldn’t it be great if you have all the details delivered straight to your inbox? How easy would it be if you can check new job opportunities in your mailbox, from computer or mobile?  

Imagine the various jobs you can apply for before others. That would mean more chances to grab a project for yourself, isn’t it? But how can we make it happen? How can we get the postings mailed directly to our inbox? 

Vollna is the answer. 

Overview of Vollna

Vollna was created with a very simple aim- to help freelancers streamline their job-searching ways to gain access to more opportunities. The tool was designed by a freelancer who personally experienced the difficulties of the process. 


The tool was released to the global users after a local Eastern European freelancer community loved how easy it made their life. Instead of signing into multiple platforms, you can view all options from the same dashboard.  

What else does Vollna offer? Let’s see. 

How to Use Vollna  

Three simple steps help you start using Vollna to get the latest offers emailed to your inbox. 

#Step 1: Create an account on Vollna and set up your profile. Add filters to choose the kind of jobs you are searching for. 

Create an account
Add Filter
Setup filter

#Step 2: Check the jobs that are listed on your dashboard based on your settings. Vollna gathers job postings from Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and Peopleperhour. 

Check Freelancing Jobs

#Step 3Use the same dashboard to access job listings from multiple platforms and check their descriptions. Apply for the jobs that catch your interest and get started with. 


  • Vollna uses AI and machine learning algorithm to crawl freelancing websites and collect information based on the filters you set. 
  • The job listings are updated instantly so that you won’t miss out on even a single opportunity. 
  • Are you worried about what would happen if you are busy and forget to check Vollna? The platform sends you push notifications to alert you about a new job listing. 
  • You can get the notifications on your web browser or your mobile phone. 
  • You can also integrate Vollna with messaging platforms like Telegram to receive notifications. 

Do you know that Vollna also has an affiliate program? You can introduce your fellow freelancers to this tool and earn a commission of up to 30% when they subscribe. You don’t have to be just a user. You can become an inherent part of Vollna’s fast-growing community and gain more benefits.


Vollna Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

Vollna offers two price packages- starter and pro. You can also get a discount up to 17% if you opt for the annual package rather than the monthly one. 

Starter Plan $10/month or $99/year; set one filter and add more filters for $5 extra each, an instant update of jobs, users can retain data for one month.  

Pro Plan – $25/month or $249/month; set three filters and add more filters for $5 extra each, an instant update of jobs, data retention for 6 months, get mobile and web push notifications, access to the slack bot, and custom integrations with Telegram and RSS-feeder.  

You can try the 14-day free trial plan to see how Vollna works and then choose a plan that works the best for your freelancing needs. 

Final Conclusion 

Why keep all those tabs open when you can spend your time actually working on a project instead of searching for it? Make good use of your time by streamlining and automating your job-hunting process. 

Join the Vollna community to get freelancing opportunities right to your inbox. The platform publishes about 15k projects each day with opportunities in almost every industry and for all kinds of freelancing jobs.

Grow your clientele and become a famous freelancer with Vollna