VLC Player Will Finally Be Updated With a New UI and Possibly a Web Version

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VLC Media Player

VLC developer and VideoLAN foundation President Jean-Baptiste Kempf has made a statement that grabbed the attention of many. In his interview with Protocol, Kempf said that the team was working on designing and releasing a new interface for the famous media player

With more than 3.5 billion downloads during the last 20 years, VLC Player has been a part of countless households without really seeing a change in its appearance. 

The open-source, cross-platform player is all set to come out with version 4.0 this year, though Kempf hasn’t given us any specific timeline. He did, however, say that the latest UI is a part of the developments made for VLC 4.0. 

The new version is also going to all third-party integrations so that users can have access to a wider range of videos instead of being limited to the same catalog of videos. 

Not only that, the media player is going to make an entry as a web version. Kempf said that the team was working on the latest web version being powered by JavaScript and WebAssembly. The previous plug-in version is no longer supported by the latest browsers, and this move comes as happy news to VLC Player users.  

The President went on to reveal another exciting news about VideoLAN working on a Moviepedia Project. Calling it ‘kind of IMDB competitor’, Kempf said that Moviepedia would be similar to Wikipedia and allow community editing. 

While he hasn’t revealed when the project would be launched or when VLC 4.0 would be released, Kempf did give out enough information to keep us excited. And the icing on the cake would be the security improvements being made to make the VLC player more secure. 

When do you think the new version is going to be ready?