Create a Professional E-Learning Platform with Uteach Website Builder

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Uteach Website Builder

Uteach is a website builder specializing in the educational industry. Here you can develop personal and professional e-learning websites within a few minutes. And, the greatest thing is that you do not have to be a tech expert. This is a no-code website builder for education providers. Here you may get an opportunity to make use of different tools that facilitate the teaching process and help to go deeper into the e-learning industry. Some of the most common and useful tools are:

  • Quiz (test) builder with automatic checking opportunity
  • Automatic certificate generator
  • Online course sale
  • Educational blog
  • Online Webinars
  • Live meetings

Setting up an Online Courses Homepage

This is the web page where your active and potential students land when they are likely to check out your courses. Take into account that this is the page where the visitors get the first impression and shape an opinion about your teaching business. In case, your course homepage doesn’t meet the visitors’ expectations they are more likely to leave it and look for other solutions for their needs. Here you should follow some steps to avoid missing potential students. With Uteach, you have the opportunity to develop and manage your website home page:

  • Choose the domain name
  • Decide on the items on the navigation bar
  • Make the registration section visible
  • Create a brand image (have a logo, follow the colors, style of visuals, language choice, etc.)
  • Say no to long texts
  • Offer an FAQ page to answer the learners’ most common questions

When you register on Uteach, you must fill in the section for a domain name, and already log in to your website. Here you should verify the email address and make several actions. It is very easy and quick. Let’s get familiar with these steps:

Step #1 Choose a style. This is about the colors of your platform. 

Step #2 Select the language. On Uteach your platform supports 3 languages: English, Russian, Armenian.

Step #3 Upload the main image (size: 1905x793px). It is shown on the top of the page below the navigation bar.

Step #4 Write the text content. Here you write the main heading (h1), then second headings, some supporting texts. There is an opportunity to add buttons that are related to video courses and blog articles.

Step #5 Add a logo (size: 400x400px). This is the face of your brand.

Step #6 Add a meta image (size: 100x628px). It is shown when you share your page URL.

Step #7 Add a favicon (size: 32x32px). We are already familiar with it.

Step #8 Fill in the contact info. That includes your address, mobile phone, email address, social media profiles that appear on the website footer.

Step #9 For SEO Purpose. Write Page Titles & Meta Description to attract your readers.

Step #10 Organize the navigation bar and the menu at the end of the page (footer). Keep in mind that all the pages that you want to include in the navigation bar should be created in advance.

Once you complete all these steps, your homepage will be ready. Then you may already work on publishing content material – online courses, blog articles, quizzes, and so on. There is an opportunity to create live lessons and webinars and conduct online pieces of training.

Features of Uteach Website Builder

When creating an e-learning website with Uteach, you have the opportunity to make use of various advanced features. We will discuss them together below.

#1 Create and Offer Online Video Courses

You just need to turn on the camera and share your knowledge and skills. Of course, it is recommended to plan video lessons on topics in advance and classify the material according to the level of background knowledge of the followers. Always remember that video lessons and online courses have become the most convenient choice for those who want to learn something new.

This form of educational content is effective for the teachers and trainers as well. They help save time, energy, and even money while remaining as effective as traditional learning options. The most fantastic thing about them is that you create a course once but it is always available on your website for sale.

If you already have ready-made training videos, upload them to your Uteach platform and they will be visible to your audience. Looking for teaching options in your particular field, those who want to learn will find themselves on your site, and if they are interested in your training videos, they will definitely buy them. If necessary, in online teaching courses, you can attach tables, as well as files of various formats.

#2 Operate an Educational Blog

In the 21st century, blogging has become one of the most effective ways to attract people and promote their interest. You can share some tips on the blog so that your followers will have an idea of what to expect in the video tutorials and how much they are required.

In addition, the blog creates many opportunities to attract users to your platform and increase the number of visitors to the site. You can also share your articles on various social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

#3 Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

Each page of your e-learning website, including the blog articles, has a special field dedicated to keywords. You should fill in these sections with words or phrases related to your page. When choosing keywords, make sure that with a high probability, users will search for such words.

It’s easier to understand with an example. Let’s imagine that you are publishing a new article in which you present all the skills you need to learn a programming language. You can choose a keyword on this topic, for example, the phrase “How to learn programming”.

Most likely, those who want to learn to program will search for this phrase in search engines (for example, in Google). People who search for the words you selected, reach your page. If they find the answer to their questions inside, then with a high degree of probability they will become your loyal followers, and why not, use your online teaching platform.

To Sum Up

If you post interesting and in-demand materials that are needed in the market, then you will attract a large audience. All your articles and training videos should answer the users’ questions and become a source of new disclosure. In this way, you will be able to maintain interest and over time, your audience will reach an increasing number of new and loyal followers.

✔ ️ You have your own online learning platform.

✔ ️ Your knowledge and skills in the form of video lessons and articles are presented on your website. You have gained a large army of loyal followers who are interested in learning more than you.

What’s the next step?

You sell your video tutorials and online courses. Well, keep in mind that you need to offer a reasonable value, and your followers will definitely not spare money for the acquisition of new knowledge. As a result, everyone will be satisfied: your audience will enrich their knowledge and think more about the professional field, and you will share your talent and earn money.

 You may start a FREE Trial for 35 days and try all the features and tools Uteach offers 

There is no need to attach payment details during the free trial. So, isn’t this a good opportunity to start teaching online with your personal website?

In case of any question, you may schedule a free demo and get in touch with the specialist via a live meeting.