Userback Review: My Go-To Website Feedback Tool

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Userback is an effective cloud-based customer feedback tool and bug tracking platform. Specially designed for website owners, web developers & online agencies, Userback gathers user feedback from web projects, manages them accordingly, and shares results with the teams and colleagues working on the project. The system offers effortless and real-time collections of feedback directly from user websites, third-party sites and even from applications.


The bucket-load of features doesn’t end here. Trained algorithms also pinpoint specific issues, suggested recommendations and deliver instant notifications, coupled with screenshots. The customizable Userback widget can effortlessly be installed onto your websites and the API and browser extension for web & mobile applications. Feedbacks are tagged, sorted and filtered automatically for tracking and resolving the most pressing problems.

Userback also boasts integration with third-party management & bug tracking tools, including,Slack, HipChat, JIRA and Trello. User can be notified of new feedback, comments, and replies by chats & email services. Userback allows project administrators to create multiple projects based on user feedback and generate real-time insights into project performance and team productivity.

Key Benefits, Features & Pricing

Users can be notified instantly about new feedback, comments & assignments via email, HipChat, and Hangouts. Userback integrates with the most popular bug tracking and management solutions, including Trello & Basecamp, for avoiding impacts on existing workflows.

Here are some highlighted features of Userback that clearly justifies how this website feedback tool stands apart from competitors.

On the other hand, the feedback collection widget can be customized to match your website. Screenshot editing tools offer to pinpoint bugs and provide visual feedback. And the browser extension can be installed for collecting feedback from web applications, in case the widget couldn’t be installed.

  • Screenshot capture with on-screen drawing
  • Automatic notifications via chat and email
  • Customizable widgets for websites and API support
  • Feedback activity analytics and video feedback
  • Project management & bug tracking integrations
  • Feedback collection, prioritization & tracking

Starting from just $19/month, pricing is what makes Userback an attractive feedback tool. Here’s the detailed info about Userback pricing.

1.Team: $19/month (billed monthly) or $16/month (billed annually).

2. Agency: $49/month (billed monthly) or $42/month (billed annually).

3. Corporate: $69/month (billed monthly) or $59/month (billed annually).

Why You Should Purchase Userback – Website Feedback Tool

Userback is useful for website administrators, designers & online agencies for collecting feedback on client web projects and general feedback from web visitors. But, be sure, while dealing with any performance impact when using advanced interaction tools like Userback. This one has minimal performance hiccups, though, unlike other customer feedback tools that I’ve used.

What I Found Beneficial With Userback

Users can make both general feedback and very specific feedback by drawing on your feedback screenshots. This helped me marginally while figuring out what customers are talking about. I also appreciate the Trello integration, and how effortlessly I can open the corresponding feedback panel right from cards.

What I Found Obnoxious

I would really appreciate the aggregation of feedback for the whole webpage screenshot, and not only for the current viewport screenshots. Also, each feedback can only include a maximum of three viewport screenshots, which is not enough sometimes for covering the entire webpage.


My goals are only getting feedback on web development projects, so I would like my clients to view their own feedback. If this feature could be placed on the live site, like some other solutions like widgets and plugins, that would be awesome. Ultimately, users won’t get confused while sending more feedback.


Here’s what clients think about Userback

Wrapping Up

Once you choose Userback, it’ll be cakewalks for you managing feedback and pinpointing priority issues while suggesting recommendations, delivering instant notifications with visual feedback from screenshots. This website feedback tool has made my workflow much more comfortable, and now it’s your turn.

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