Twitch pays the streamers in millions just for sleeping!

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Twitch pay for sleeping
Image Source:- Pexels

It isn’t a joke, yeah it is true, twitch actually pays the online stranger in millions to watch them sleeping a part of their new game. Twitch never misses to amuse its users with their extraordinary game streaming. Now there is a new trend that’s becoming viral among social media. Twitch has now planned to take a new step in the venture of game streaming by letting the gamers sleep and make money out of it. Streamers like “Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo “surprised his mother by telling him he made out $5600, just through sleeping. The most interesting fact on this is, he had installed bots to monitor how long his viewers are watching him asleep.

The streamers call this as a “Slumber party”, a great deal of money they get paid by letting the strangers watch them sleep. Viewers started gifting a small amount of money from their pocket like $2-5 by availing the twitch donation function. This scheme has induced a new level of fun and thrill among the gamers, of course, anyone would be delighted to get paid for dozing off in front of the camera. But, there ain’t any snags? There is, streamers wake up to see some crazy and creepy messages from the viewers’ like “I love to watch her sleep all day” “I am really falling in love with the way you sleep”, some serious stalking is also being faced. But who cares? when the online platform offers them a million-dollar of money.