Turbologo Review 2023:- Online Logo Maker Tool (Create Professional Logo in minutes) (Updated)

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Turbologo -  Online Logo Maker Tool

Business logo establishes your brand in the market.

However, creating that ‘perfect’ logo is time-consuming and stressful. Contacting designers, asking for samples, negotiating prices, and waiting for them to deliver the design is a hectic process. But we found an easy solution for you.

Turbologo – Online Logo Maker Tool

You can create your own logo using the existing templates and AI algorithm. Customize the logo and download the file in multiple formats. You can edit the logo for up to a year. Sounds great, right? Let’s understand in detail about Turbologo.

How Turbologo Works

With Turbologo you need to follow four simple steps to create and download the logo. The process is simple and user-friendly. Designing a logo for your business can be as creative as you like. You can also go through the existing templates available on the website. The logos are categorized based on the industry type for convenience. 

Step 1. Sign in to create a logo and click on Create a logo 

Step 2. Here you can choose upto 3 color palettes

Step 3. Choose icons for your logo (Select upto 5)

Choose icons for logo

Step 4. Select the logo and edit the colors, font, icons, layouts, etc. Customize it the way you want. 

Logo Designs ready

Step 5. Once the logo is ready, download it in different formats and use them on social media, for brochures, printing purposes, etc. 

The logo files can be downloaded in multiple formats, including the one with a transparent background. Contact customer support for assistance. The team will assist you in using the tools to create a logo of your choice and download it in the required formats. 

Watch the Video to have a better understanding of Turbologo

Highlights of Turbologo 

Automation and Professionalism 

The process is not only automated but gives a tough fight to professionally designed logos. The editing tools are super easy and fun to use. Forget the stress; you will enjoy the process of designing a logo.


Everything about Turbologo is user-friendly. Want watermarks? Done. Want to own the full copyright of the design? Done. Want help from experts in editing the logo? Done. Just message the customer support team and they’ll help you with the process.

Business Name Generator 

Turbo logo is not limited to creating logos. You can use the platform to generate a list of names of your business. Just enter the type of name you want (literature, mythology, foreign languages, etc.) and shortlist the ones you like auto-generated by the platform. 

Why Turbologo’s Business Logo Maker?

  1. ) Thousands of  professional logo templates
  2. ) Customer support team available to answer your queries
  3. ) Support on multiple devices and no need to install any software
  4. ) User friendly interface and easy to use tool
  5. ) Unlimited downloads
  6. ) High resolution files ready to download in PNG, JPEG logo formats
  7. ) Create print ready files
  8. ) Get ownership/copyright for all designs

Pros and Cons 


  • Easy to use 
  • Good customer support 
  • Flexible and fun 
  • No copyright issues 
  • Multiple price plans
  • Budget-friendly 


  • No free version 

Turbologo Pricing 

Turbologo has three price plans available with two editing periods. You can choose an editing period of three months or one year. You can go back to the logo’s original design and make changes during this period. 

Three Months Editing Period: 

3 months plan
  • Lite: 16 – Download one logo file but no transparent background 
  • Standard: 32 (discount – 70%; original pricing was 64); high-quality logos with transparent background, copyright ownership, vector files, new logo versions, and unlimited edits; customer support 
  • Business: € 64 (discount – 70%; original pricing was 128); all features of Standard plus branding kit (watermarks, envelopes, wallpapers, letterheads, etc.) 

One Year Editing Period: 

1 Year Plan

Features are the same as in one year editing period only change in pricing for one year editing period

  • Lite: 24
  • Standard: 48 (discount – 70%; original pricing was 160)
  • Business: 84 (discount – 70%; original pricing was 280)

All plans are a one-time payment. No subscriptions are required. 

Turbologo Ratings and Reviews

Turbologo has 4.5 rating on Trustpilot

Turbologo Ratings


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Final Conclusion

Turbologo uses artificial intelligence algorithms to process your input data and create logos for your business. The flexibility of editing the logo makes it a convenient tool to design your own logo without the need for technical expertise. 

There’s no need to use different image editing apps as the Business plan lets you create a branding kit with the logo and various office/ promotional material. Just download the files and use them online and offline. The one-time payment method ensures that you don’t have to spend too much money on a logo.

Let Turbologo be your go-to platform to design business logos.