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Everybody use computer these days some use desktop while others use laptop.Children play games on computers, students surf the Internet, professionals use for work but machines will be machines. I think almost everyone encountered accidently system crash when using computers. If you had not make a backup before, that’s terrible, you may lost your data. If you had created a backup, you can restore it. Simple backups are save document momentarily, make a copy, these operations don’t need any applications while complex backups need advanced software tools to Backup system, backup disk, backup files or folders. Windows or Mac have built-in backup program as well.

Today we are going to tell you above professional recovery and backup tool which is known for ONE CLICK RECOVERY

About One Click Recovery

In general, one-click backup&recovery program was integrated in laptop by their vendors at the earliest. Then some vendors transplanted the program do their brand desktop. As we all know, users use DIY computers far more than brand computers. Then questions come, how to do one- click recovery on those DIY computers? Don’t worry, software development along with hardware development. There are third-party one click recovery software now! AOMEI OneKey Recovery is one I recommend in this article.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery

Compare to inbuilt one key recovery software, the third-party professional one key recovery tool AOMEI OneKey Recovery has a lot of advantages. First, it is free to use. That means, you don’t need to buy a specified machine. Second, you can install it on either laptop or desktop. AOMEI OneKey Recovery supported many Windows operating system: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista. Supported storage devices are local disks, external hard disks, solid state drives, USB flash drives, etc. Supported Disk Types are MBR disk, GPT disk and UEFI Boot. What’s more, if you reinstall or upgrade system, the internal backup tool may not work well. If you resize system partition, the recovery partition created by built-in backup software may be affected, thus you can’t restore successfully. All this trouble won’t be trouble any more if you try AOMEI OneKey Recovery because it will create a special AOMEI OneKey Recovery partition to store backup image.

The interface and theme of AOMEI OneKey Recovery is simple and cool. Two selections on the main interface.

Few additional settings


Next step is also easy, choose a location to store the backup image, then click “Next” and commit the task.


To do recovery task, AOMEI OneKey Recovery provides two shortcut keys: F11 and “A” button.

For most computers whose system disk is MBR, you can either press “F11” (default) or “A” on keyboard during the process of system startup. Then your computer will be entered into Windows PE recovery environment to continue.


If your computer system disk style is GPT (EFI/UEFI boot), please choose “AOMEI OneKey Recovery” in the Windows boot menu. After rebooting, your computer will boot into Windows PE recovery environment.


Final Conclusion

Good news is that AOMEI company have rebrand program, if you are interested in this software, you can contact them about the private label product. AOMEI Technology has other freeware: AOMEI PE Builder, AOMEI PXE Boot, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard and backup freeware AOMEI Backupper Standard. If you also need a full scale Windows backup software, then AOMEI Backupper is a good choice.