TrueMail Review: Email Verifier and Email Checker Tool

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In the ever-changing world of consumption; touchpoints, channels, communication, competition are the most dynamic variables. In such a dynamic market, any expenditure for communication or marketing must be done in the most efficient manner possible leading to the highest possible returns. The very strong shift to online market place from brick and mortar over the last decade has led to a huge change in consumer expectations from any service provider or goods manufacturer. Marketers have been re-strategizing their approach to reach the target group.

Email Marketing

Under such circumstances, email marketing holds the strongest fort. According to a study done by McKenzie & Company in 2019, email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media. But to gain that level of efficiency, strong strategy and proper email databases are required.

  • Content analysis

A strong strategy would include content. It needs intense precision, as it is the final point of deal-breaking. The mail subject is the most important part. The mail would be opened only if the subject line is good enough to generate interest.

  • Timing the mail

Time and day are crucial, as the consumer needs to be approached at a suitable time when he/she would be interested in the content as given by the mail subject. 

For example, if a lounge is trying to communicate its weekend theme party, then the ideal time might be Friday noon. Chances are consumers who might be interested in a similar outing on a Friday rather than any other weekday.

When you approach a target group with a specific style of mail content and timing play a crucial role. But there are two inherent challenges which you might face:

  • Genuine email address list
  • Spam Loop

There can be numerous reasons for the wrong email address: from typos to non-existent email IDs. This can eventually result in wasted efforts, lower delivery, and hence lower efficiency.

How To Overcome The Unwelcome Challenges Of Email Marketing?

Dealing with these technical issues ascertains extremely high delivery rates. And the way forward is to verify the emails before sending them. TrueMail is a brilliant tool that helps you under such circumstances, ascertaining the genuineness of each mail ID, improving the delivery rate and increasing efficiency. It’s majorly used to remove all the invalid email addresses, hence reducing bounces. All that needs to be done is to upload the email database, from where TrueMail checks each ID individually across domains, ascertaining its validity.

Key Functionalities Of TrueMail

Validation of the emails is very important when it comes to email marketing. TrueMail offers different features which are immensely helpful in the email verification.

  • Verification of bulk email:

TrueMail provides the feature of bulk email checking, where you can upload bulk email IDs. TrueMail checks each mail ID and shows the result for each one of them. This helps in cleaning your mail database and reduces bouncing of mails.

  • Easy-to-use Chrome Extension:

TrueMail also adds a plugin to the window itself, where instant results are shown, which can then be taken for the further process from the TrueMail account.

  • Single email verification:

You can also check individual mail ID validity and determine whether mailing to the ID would make any sense or not.

On affordability front, TrueMail is not only one of the most affordable email verification tools but also has very transparent pricing with charges being shown at the very time of subscription which is all-inclusive.

Final Thoughts

If you are seriously looking at email marketing, TrueMail is an amazing tool for any marketeer, blogger. It curtails email databases to effective ones and also generates an efficient output of mail marketing investment at an affordable and transparent rate. It also provides fast service at a low price with no compromise to quality. It ensures high sender reputation and negates the bouncing of mails enhancing the output of your marketing campaign. Clean up your email list with TrueMail as it offers the first 1,000 email verifications free of cost.