Top Ways to Use Instagram as Sales Booster in 2020

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The online space is a great platform for establishing your brand and selling your products or service. But as the ease of setting up the business increases, the journey to tap the right kind of audience still remains difficult and ambiguous to many. Let us know about instagram sales.

It is a well-known fact that Instagram is a fairly successful and influential platform that has a huge ever-growing audience base. And so, today we will discuss the amazing ways in which you can also use this social media platform to actually increase your instagram sales.

Let’s begin!

Use Relevant Hashtag in Your Posts

The key is attracting the most relevant audience to your post in order to expect some conversions going forward. Hence, the more regularly you post on Instagram with the relevant hashtag, the more are your chances to get noticed by a useful audience. Hashtag is a powerful tool can make your post stand out or get lost in the millions of other posts. It can give instant growth if properly strategized.

Post at Appropriate Time

A significant reason why most of the brands fail to get noticed is that they post when their users are not using Instagram. That is where the analytics arrive into action. You need to analyse what time of the day your followers are most active. When you post at the right time, you get the maximum visibility, maximum shares and hence, maximum conversion.  

Engage with Your Followers

Now whether you are social or not, people love brands that interact with their followers and users. Small tips and tricks or little giveaway contests ensure they retain your brand name and also refer it to others who need your service. So, keep engaging with your followers, and take them closer to conversions.

Best and Fastest Way: Extract Personal Details

If your domain faces cut-throat competition, which is most likely the case, then the above solutions alone might show slow results. Brands today are fighting rough to snatch their consumers. What to do in this case?

Making your brand stand out and increasing your instagram sales demands much more specific targeting and proximity with your customers.

How about getting the personal details of your customers like bio, emails, and contact details? Won’t it give you the power to beat your competitors by directly contacting the customers? If the answer to any of it is yes, then Pro-Export Ninja is a fantastic tool that is magically going to fetch all the info for you.

Why and How to Use Pro-Export Ninja?

Gathering details of your potential clients can be a difficult task. But when you get this data, it becomes easy to boost your business really fast. Pro-Export Ninja lets you download details like bio, business emails, and phone numbers from Instagram directly in a Google Sheet.  This excellent tool provides you with an exhaustive list of details of your target audience.

  • Profiles
  • Username
  • Full Name
  • Bio
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Number Of Posts
  • Number Of IGTV
  • Private Account Or Not
  • Approved Account
  • Public Email
  • Profile Type
  • Communication Method

So through this online marketing tool, you can compile a list of Instagram users with relevant interests. You can also find out about your potential or competitors’ followers and then classify them as per your requirements.

How to Use the Data Extracted to Boost Sales?

You must be aware of the power of Facebook and Google advertising in today’s time. These medium offer a fabulous platform to intelligently target your specific audience. The only edge you have over your competitors now is that you will have the data that they probably don’t have.

Another effective way to use this data is through Email Marketing. You can easily get your preferred audience to notice you in their mailbox. This will turn out to be a direct conversion strategy.

To extract the details of the target audience, simply copy their username and paste it into the search box on the website. Press export, and you will get a google sheet or .csv file with ready-to-use data.

You can easily download the file from Pro-Export Ninja and export it to the Google or Facebook manager to target your audience through their email and phone numbers.


Best part is that you get 20 accounts data for free. So, you can check out how it works for you. Going further, you can start from the basic $19 for premium 10,000 item bundle, or choose a higher plan if you need.

Final Verdict

These were some of the best strategies and techniques to boost your sales in no time. Be it manual or automation, but following these steps can turn the tables for you. So get going and reach your customers before anyone else!