Top 8 Reasons to Use Applicant Tracking System Software in Recruitment

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Use Applicant Tracking System Software

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The difficult task that most HR departments dread is the recruitment process. Sifting through resumes, making phone calls, and conducting interviews can be time-consuming for recruiters.

Bad hires are expensive and harmful to an organization. Therefore, applicant tracking systems help recruiters promptly attract, identify, and hire the best fit for their organization.

Often companies that are not achieving their recruitment goals do not leverage recruitment tools and methods. Investing in ATS helps streamline the entire recruitment process and eliminate common issues in talent acquisition.

This article highlights some of the top reasons your organizations should adopt an applicant tracking system.

1.   Reduces Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

Consider the amount of time it will take to submit a position on a job board manually. Now count the hours it will take to review the resumes and respond to each candidate.

Doing this takes much time since you need to engage even applicants that do not fit the position. An applicant tracking system software will help optimize and automate these processes. This type of solution offers features such as easy job postings to different platforms and candidate matching. This way, organizations can lessen the time spent on these tasks and focus on other critical aspects of the recruitment process.

2.   It Will Improve Candidate Experience

The recruitment process is vital, especially if you’re looking for top talents. This process is essential as it allows applicants to experience how it’s like to work for your organization. Any feedback delays, frequent rescheduling of interviews, and unnecessary hurdles will translate to red flags.

The chances of serious candidates pulling out is high. Also, communicate their bad experiences to potential candidates.

The applicant tracking software features may allow candidates to schedule their interviews. Therefore, it eliminates the lengthy and complicated process of finding a common time. This way, the rate of successful interviews can improve as the applicants themselves are the ones who chose the schedule.

Besides increasing the accuracy and speed of communicating, it also projects an image of a professional and organized company.

3.   Improves the Overall Efficiency of the Process

An applicant management software allows you to manage and track incoming applicants’ data effortlessly. Moreover, the software helps keep data organized and accessible to all your team members for assessment.

The applicant tracking system simplifies searching for talent pools for candidates by numerous criteria. For instance, you can use talent, geographical location, or the education level of the preferred candidates.

This recruitment solution helps to standardize the candidates’ data and the recruitment process itself. It’s easier for recruiters to shorten the hiring cycle, identify the top candidate, and narrow their hiring decisions.

4.   It Improves the Quality of Hire

Finding and acquiring talent is one of the greatest challenges that recruiters face. Unlike top brands that rely on their brand name, start-up organizations don’t share the same luxury.

The best way to get applicants is by aggressively seeking them out.

The software can identify the best fit for your job requirements and match them to all applications.

Then the system will reject or accept applicants depending on their qualifications.

These job opportunities will reach Google and social media users depending on your demographics’ job title and location. Moreover, with the integration of this tool, candidates can create a careers portal to scout for open positions.

In addition, the system has a subscription for candidates to receive notifications regarding open positions. Besides, you can easily promote your employer brand by sharing the benefits and your work culture organization.

For example, solutions like LogicMelon ATS can help you find top candidates in the shortest time possible. It allows you to submit open positions to job boards and post adverts to social media networks and other sites. This encourages qualified users to submit their applications on your job ad with just a click of a button.

5.  Helps in Creating Talent Pool and Candidate Matching

Even when you’re not actively hiring, the applicant tracking system comes in handy. Because of the readily available database, the smart solutions recruitment prevents you from making a new offer. You can quickly go through your database and select a suitable candidate you had not contacted before.

Besides saving time, the hiring process is smoother and faster for both the candidate and the firm. Also, it can store candidates’ profiles for future reference for matching job vacancies.

Moreover, the program aids your organization with an invaluable talent pool minimizing employee turnover. Additionally, the correct ATS helps you reduce turnover by providing the best match for your organization.

Also, it prepares you to deal with turnover drawbacks since you have a pool of candidates you’ve already evaluated.

6.  Provides Reports on Recruitment Performance

Without the ATS, it’s challenging to know what’s working for your brand and how to improve your recruitment process. The software allows you to set measurable goals before starting your recruitment procedures.

Here are some of the metrics that you should track:

  • At what step did the candidates’ dropout
  • The average time to hire
  • What are the candidates’ references
  • What’s the average time of each recruitment step

Having this knowledge, like recruitment process time for certain positions, prepares you to plan and anticipate your workforce accurately.

A good ATS recruitment applicant tracking system helps compile your hiring metrics. Moreover, it can provide visual formats to help with better performance analysis.

7.   Encourage Collaboration

Finding an ideal candidate is a collective effort. One person will not likely make the right decision. Your team’s input is significant. Besides, your team members need to sync with what’s happening.

Imagine two individuals from the same organization emailing a candidate for an interview. Assigning role-based access to everyone in your department helps members be accountable for their roles.

This process helps everyone share their opinions on prospects easily and freely. And this will enable you to make a collaborative decision on if the applicant fits the qualifications you’re seeking.

Besides, the system makes everything transparent for your team members, and they will know which recruitment approach works.

8.   Helps With Onboarding

An ATS helps recruiters store candidates’ information in a single safe location. The system helps to welcome and guide candidates to their new organization. With ATS, you can;

  • Confirm recruits’ data
  • Connect recruits to other employees
  • Facilitates contract signing
  • Guides recruits into induction

As a result, the onboarding process becomes seamless as it eliminates duplicate data entry.


These are some of the top reasons you should consider investing in an applicant tracking system for your team. You can invest in the software if you’re looking to take your business to greater heights.

Administrative and manual chores add no value to the hiring process. Therefore easing their workloads allows them to make better decisions when looking for top candidates. And the system can help to produce better and overall hiring results.