Top 60 Keyboard Shortcuts and Their Functions Everyone Should Know

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Are you a Computer Geek who spends most of the time on your PC/Laptop? We always look for shortcuts in our daily life as well to complete the task quickly hence we thought of preparing a list of 75 Keyboard Shortcuts that help you to boost your productivity.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you are a multitasking person who loves to work on multiple tasks with a goal to achieve 100% efficiency then you must know the shortcut keys that can help you to complete your job before time.

In the previous article, we have discussed shortcuts to uninstall programs here we are discussing computer shortcuts.

60 Keyboard shortcuts that you must remember while working on the Computer

S.No Shortcuts Description
1 F5 Refresh
2 Ctrl + F5 Refresh and reset the browser cache for the current page.
3 Alt + Left Arrow Back
4 Alt + Right Arrow Forward
5 Alt + Home Return to Homepage
6 Escape Stop
7 F6 Select the address bar
8 F11 Fullscreen mode, exit fullscreen mode
9 Home Scroll to top of page
10 End Scroll to bottom of page
11 Spacebar Scroll down
12 Shift+ Spacebar Scroll up
13 Page Down / Up Scroll down / up
14 Ctrl + C Copy selected text
15 Ctrl + X Cut text
16 Ctrl + V Paste copied text
17 Ctrl + D Bookmark current page
18 F1 Help page
19 F3 Perform a text search on the current page, find next text result
20 Ctrl + F Perform a text search on the current page
21 Ctrl + G Find next text result
22 Ctrl + Shift + G Find previous text result
23 Ctrl + H Open browsing history
24 Ctrl + J Open downloads folder and/or history
25 Ctrl + O Open a local file in the browser
26 Ctrl + S Download and save current page
21 Ctrl + G Find next text result
22 Ctrl + Shift + G Find previous text result
23 Ctrl + H Open browsing history
24 Ctrl+Shift+A Format all letters as capitals
25 Ctrl + O Open a local file in the browser
26 Ctrl + S Download and save current page
27 Ctrl + P Print current page
28 Ctrl + E Select the search box
29 Ctrl + Shift + Del Opens up the clear browser history dialog or settings
30 Alt + Enter Open search in a new tab
31 Ctrl + Enter Open search term as a website
32 F12 Open developer tools or Firebug
33 Ctrl + U View source
34 Alt + F Makes the menu bar appear
35 Ctrl + N Opens a new window (this works in Windows too)
36 Ctrl + Tab Cycle forward to the next tab
37 Ctrl + Shift + Tab Cycle backward to the previous tab
38 Ctrl + F4 Closes the current tab.
39 Ctrl + T Opens a new tab.
40 Ctrl + Shift + T Opens a recently closed tab.
41 Alt + F4 Close the entire window
42 Ctrl + # key (1 to 8) Changes view to the tab number chosen
43 Ctrl + 9 Changes view to the last tab
44 Ctrl + Mousewheel Zoom in our out
45 Ctrl + 0 Reset to 100% zoom
46 Mousewheel Press Closes tabs if clicked on a tab, opens links in new tab, scroll
47 Ctrl + Left Click Open link in a new tab
48 Shift + Left click Open link in a new window
49 Shift + Ctrl + Left click Open link in a new background tab
50 Windows Logo + D This will take you back to the Desktop, even when you are working on an active window.
51 Windows Logo + M  Minimize any active windows on your computer.
52 Windows Logo + E Launch  My Computer
53 Windows Logo + F  Quickly search the files or folders in your computer.
54 Windows Logo + R This will launch the Run dialog box, which will help you instantly find and

launch any program on your computer.

55 CTRL + B Bold
56 CTRL + I Italic
57 CTRL + U Underline
58 Arrow Keys User for Up, Down , Left and Right
59 Windows key + L Lock your PC or switch accounts.
60 Windows key + U Open Ease of Access Center.

 If you face any problems in remembering the shortcuts then you must practice 10 shortcuts daily and if you do that continuously for 6 days then I’m sure you become master of computer shortcuts and do work on your keyboard without touching a mouse.

Final Verdict

I hope you enjoyed the article and will work on the above 60 keyboard shortcuts to finish the task before time as shortcuts can save your lot of time.


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