Top 6 Issues Preventing Your Mac from Turning

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Apple devices are well known for being robust and powerful. Many users prefer to purchase a Mac computer because it performs highly compared to Windows machines. Despite Mac’s popularity, it does not mean the device is immune to common problems. Sometimes, your Mac might fail to start up even after several attempts. 

Several reasons might prevent your machine from turning on. One sign that you need to look out for is when you get a startup disk full error. 

Why Does a Mac Refuse to Turn on? 

Let us explore the reasons that might cause booting issues. 

1.) Power Supply Issues

One of the common problems that cause booting failure in Macs is the insufficient power supply. If you plug the charger and it fails to start up, there is probably no power flowing. Or the power cable is faulty. Thus, it is advisable to try out different power supply outlets or replace the cable with a new one. 

Sometimes the battery power could be flat, preventing the machine from starting up. To counter this issue, you could leave your Mac plugged into the charger for a while before you turn it on.

2.) Display Issues

Another issue that causes booting failure is the external display. If the display cables are loose, your machine could be making sounds during startup. The external display usually has a direct impact when you turn on your Mac. Therefore, ensure the switches or power cables are correctly connected to the display to avoid booting problems. 

If you still experience startup issues, you can replace the external display and the cables before turning on your machine.

3.) Loose Hardware Cables

Sometimes after using your machine for a while, the cables loosen up, resulting in booting issues. Loose cables do not pass power sufficiently. If your Mac refuses to turn on, ensure your cables are correctly fixed on the machine, and the display has secure fittings.

Besides, the Mac cables could be experiencing wear and tear, which causes booting issues. Such a case requires you to replace the cables alone.

4.) Internal Inconsistencies 

Your Mac might have software issues that might prevent it from starting up. New RAM or hardware installations could have compatibility issues with your machine. Such inconsistencies result in booting problems. 

5.) Faulty SMC

SMC is the System Management Controller that is responsible for starting and managing the entire hardware system. Over time, the controller might get faulty and interfere with the powering process. When this happens, you need to reset the SMC to factory settings, and it will start functioning normally.  

6.) Full Hard drive

When your hard drive gets full, you might experience booting up problems. This is because your full hard drive prevents crucial processes from running. When you get the startup disk error, you need to clean up your Mac immediately. 

What to Do in Such Cases? 

Here are some working ways to resolve the startup issues when your Mac refuses to turn on:

Boot in Safe Mode

This option works if your machine can boot for a while before it shuts down. Safe boot allows your machine to start with essential functions. You can at least carry out simple tasks on your machine. Booting in safe mode will dismiss issues with the software or driver. 

Recovery Mode

Another way to fix your machine from the startup issue is to use the recovery mode. This process usually fixes numerous issues in the system because it restores the entire operating system. It can wipe or repair the disk depending on the problems in the drive.

Power Cycle

If your Mac can turn on for a while, you can power cycle it by pressing down the power button for ten seconds. After realizing it, you can then boot up your machine normally. Power cycling fixes the internal inconsistencies. 

Don’t Hurry to a Professional Service 

Now that you know the problems that might cause startup issues, you can resolve the issues or reach out to an Apple expert for more assistance. But it is advisable to rule out the issues first before seeking professional help.