Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 That You Can’t Afford To Miss (Updated)

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Digital Marketing Trends 2020

We have entered in 2020. And this year is set to witness the digital revolution faster than ever. If you’re out-of-date with the digital marketing trends, you may be risking your brand with losing on awareness, reach and conversions, not to mention the risk of being left out. 

To help you stay ahead of your competitors, we outline below the top 5 digital marketing trends of 2020.

1. WhatsApp Business & Chatbots to Promote Brands

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging channel, has become one of the most preferred channels for businesses. WhatsApp is not just about messaging individuals anymore. WhatsApp Business is becoming increasingly popular for businesses to communicate with their customers. 

For example, Book My Show has integrated WhatsApp for Business to send ticket confirmations on the buyer’s WhatsApp. 

Also, WhatsApp chatbots are helping website owners transform the communication with their customers. According to Outgrow 80% of businesses are predicted to have chatbot automation by 2020. Some of the benefits of chatbots are customer engagement, customer service, lead generation, human resources, etc.

2. Podcasts to Get Heard 

We know how intense the competition on YouTube is. However, there is another underrated platform that is going to bloom in 2020 – Podcasts. They are already seen as an important source of content. In fact, the lesser crowd on podcasts means a good opportunity to showcase your brand in an unsaturated space. So, tap on to the trend to cut your competition and rise above. 

3. TikTok to Cut Competition

Gone are the days when big 5: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube ruled the digital world. Everybody has shifted on TikTok, as the platform outgrew in 2019. The platform has lured customers with entertainment. 

However, 2020 will be the year when TikTok is used for education and marketing. And it is predicted that TikTok is more than ready to take on a big share of the marketing budget in 2020.

4. Augmented reality AR & VR Will Be More than Entertainment 

2020 is the year of Augmented Reality. AR is not only going to provide entertainment but will open doors for brand marketing as well. Businesses will be making the use of AR for creative campaigns and strategies to provide an enhanced experience to its customers.

5. Influencers & SEO to Top Marketing Strategy 

The power of SEO is not hidden from any digital marketer. Search engines are setting higher standards and algorithms, ranking only those websites who focus on optimising their content. Similarly, influencer marketing is going to be a big trend with the focus shifting from big influencers to small ones. Influencers increase the level and quality of engagement of your brand. 

Final Words

The year 2020 will be all about seeing more user-friendly digital marketing trends that will empower brands to connect with their audience like never before. Now, it is up to you to pick and choose the best suiting technologies from these top digital marketing trends. The marketing game is going to go up. So, it’s all about experimenting and exploring to grow your brand.