Top 3 EDB To PST Converter Software In 2020 – Download 100% Free

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Nowadays, almost all organizations depend on Microsoft Exchange server for handling their emails. Apart from mails, they also use it for other activities such as calendars, contacts and notes. An Exchange Database (EDB) folder handles multiple mail boxes generated by the Exchange Server. Due to the limited load handling capabilities of the server it fails to function as expected. Hence, users migrate to the PST format using EDB to PST Converter tools, which acts as a directory to store messages from Outlook.

Why should you convert EDB Files to PST ?

Working with Exchange Database files can be a little tricky at times. For instance, when you are trying to archive server data, the .edb files should be unmounted, halting the server productivity. This becomes an issue for maintenance tasks such as taking a backup. Comparatively, Outlook’s personal storage table (.pst) is more flexible. Taking a backup, moving from one machine to another and using different mail clients becomes easier with .pst. 

  • Saves more space
  • Recovers corrupted EDB file data
  • Takes backup from Exchange Servers, mailboxes and emails
  • To move mailbox data to other locations
  • Reduces the possibility of file corruption
  • Improves server performance and reduces mailbox size

Top 3 EDB to PST Converter Software

EDB TO PST Converter Software

1. Stellar Converter for EDB

In theory, it is extremely difficult to extract Exchange mailbox without any tools. This is where Stellar EDB to PST conversion app is used. With this professional tool, converting single or multiple mailboxes from a live server to a PST file is very much possible. Also, the data format is kept intact.

Stellar is rated as one of the best tools when it comes to EDB to PST.

  • Convert single or multiple mailboxes (.edb) to .pst files without losing their originality and without any file size limitation
  • Export offline .edb data to Exchange Server or Office 365
  • Apart from .pst, Stellar can also convert files into other formats such as .msg, .rtf, .pdf, .eml, and .html
  • Supported versions of MS Exchange Server include 2019, 2016, 2013, 2017, 2003 and 2000
  • Exports data based on user-defined mail address and date range
  • Provides activity log to monitor the conversion process and also a preview of the data items

With high precision, minimal use of resources and time, Stellar EDB converter is an award winning tool. When going for the premium version, the cost varies depending on the needs.

2. Kernel For Exchange EDB to PST

Kernel is also an excellent software recommended by a lot of experts for easy EDB to PST conversion.

Kernel EDB to PST

This tool comes with a lot of features similar to Stellar converter such as:

  • Converting into formats such as .eml, .rtf, .html and .msg
  • Repairs corrupt data
  • Recovers lost data
  • Supports virtual environments and database older than 2019 as well
  • Makes use of Smart Scanning mode – Standard and Deep scanning for  precise recovery

The only challenge when it comes to Kernel is that it doesn’t give the user a preview of the EDB data, unlike the Stellar converter. Though Kernel is on the expensive side, you can make use of the offer to get a discount of $100 for a corporate license. 

3. SysTools EDB to PST Converter

SysTools is a reliable tool for EDB to PST migration. With features similar to other tools, SysTools is also used for repairing corrupt files, selective export options, and removing email encryption. 

It has data and time filters like Stellar converter and scanning modes like Kernel converter. But the biggest challenge when it comes to SysTools is that it supports only PST format. Due to this limitation, it costs only $99 for the basic version.

Final Verdict

Though all the three EDB to PST converter apps are similar, we have to seriously consider essential features such as format flexibility, file preview, date and time categorization for easy navigation, money-back guarantee. SysTools and Kernel have their own limitations and Stellar overcomes the above challenges providing you a better experience for converting files from EDB to PST.

Do try out Stellar demo version and let us know how it works for you in the comments section.