Top 10 – 100% Effective and Unique Real Estate Marketing ideas in 2021 (Updated)

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Real Estate Marketing Ideas

The last decade has been a mixed one of the real estate sector. The number of people getting into real estate business is staggering and it is increasing every single day. With the increase of real estate business houses, the competition is also becoming fierce every day. And in the present day world, the best thing is to blend your online and offline skills to reap the perfect benefits. A recent survey has shown that, almost 92% of the buyer’s checks online before buying and this indicates the fluency of your presentation online. If you are not that active online and in the social platforms, you might lose the race before it starts.  

To help you out, we have put forward top 10 game changing and unique ideas for real estate marketing. 

1. Social Media Makeover

If you are less active or in case you are ignoring the social media platforms, it is high time that you get a social media make over. Presenting your business attractively in the social media platforms will lead you to customers which will eventually increase your customer base. Share the locations and pictures of houses you are selling. This will draw more customers.

2. Local images are vital

In most of the websites and social platforms, the owner ignores the local images of the place. Instead they provide just images of the property. This is a big mistake. The key here is to attract your customers to the locality before he or she can buy the house. That is why it is very important that you post some of the local images.

3. Hire a professional for your shoots

Just clicking some random images and posting them online is a bad idea. You need to hire someone can knows what are the elements that need to showcase online. 

4. Virtual Tour

Most of the companies spend a lot in their websites but in most of cases, these websites are just filled with images and customers providing feedback. One thing that is missing here are good quality virtual tour videos. To make sure that your customers can get the real-time idea of the house, you need a virtual image library.

5. Make sure you’re your site is mobile friendly

Most of the customers would go for mobile search while viewing their requirements and that is the reason why you need to optimize your website according to mobile criteria. So that it is easier for the customers to view in their mobile devices. 

6. Email Marketing

Although a very old technique it is very powerful. Email marketing will provide insights of your services to the potential customers. Once you start sending those emails that provides information and newsletters, the rate of customer conversion increases. 

7. Customer feedback videos

Providing excellent quality customer feedback videos is a brilliant idea. There are many emotional stories that you can find out from your previous customers. Accumulate those stories and showcase them on your website. This is very much effective as people generally tend to get more connected to an emotional story.

8. Free Seminars

Hosting free seminars for home buyers can be very much profitable for your business. This is just like getting connected to the potential customers who are actually trying to get the best house for themselves but are out of ideas.

9. Easy to navigate website

This is very important as your customers might have that much time to check your site step by step. You need to make it user-friendly and make sure that just in a very short span of time; your customers get all you want to show them.

10. Create a referral system

This is another effective idea that you can go for. You can provide incentives to your former customers if they refer anyone to you for business. This will increase your customer base as like-minded people will come more and more when you provide them the best. 

Well! These are the top 10 effective real estate marketing ideas that you can use for promoting your brand and service. The key here is to understand these 10 ideas and start implementing them one by one to get more success.