Tapdesk: An incredible CRM solution to grow your business leads and boost sales

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Tapdesk CRM

It is tough to carry your business forward in this digital world if you lack effective strategies for lead generation. Leads work as the foundation for your business growth that further turns into your long-term potential customers. 

So, to help you in your lead generation journey, Tapdesk comes as an efficient CRM platform that fruitfully helps you. It is packed with brilliant functionalities, which are explicitly meant to support the overall growth of your company. So, here is what you need to know more about Tapdesk. 

What benefits will you get from using this CRM software? 

Tapdesk offers a wide array of impressive features, which proves to be advantageous for every business that wants to capture the growth prospect in a much strategic way. So, check out how exactly this CRM software benefits businesses of every niche.

1.) Genius AI-driven search options

Powered by AI, Tapdesk comes with compelling search features with a set of pre-defined filters. Based on your input, it analyzes your search query and helps you find potential leads relevant to your business niche and perfectly align with your search criteria. The platform works with a complex procedure that involves many computational steps. Thus, this CRM software is faster and reliable that serves an incredible experience.

2.) Acquisition of high-quality validated leads

When it comes to opting for lead generation, it is crucial to reach out to high-quality ones. You must acquire the right customers for your business and show them why you are the best solution provider for their needs. So, with the implementation of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, Tapdesk lets you selectively filter high-quality validated leads, cutting down your lead research time up to 90%, making the entire process fast.

3.) Easy organization and convenient monitoring of your leads

Tapdesk is excellent in offering you the brilliance of managing pipelines for your leads. It lets you monitor every stage of your sales funnel so that you can keep track of your success. Besides, this CRM software enables you to follow up with your leads and clients from time to time.

4.) Quick decision-making with advanced data analytics tools

Tapdesk serves in front of you many interactive analytics tools that automate every process and help improve your decision-making. It lets you discover all insights about your sales and usage data, employee data, etc., which, in turn, enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.

5.) Seamless ease of accessing the software 

As Tapdesk is entirely cloud-based, you can get immediate access to your business information from anywhere at any time. So, with brilliant operational scalability and zero downtime, you can save a lot of your expenses and leverage your business growth. 

Tapdesk Features

Tapdesk’s CRM software is recommended for business-minded people for its brilliant range of features. So, the following are some of its impressive features that can make your business more impactful.

1.) Quick Search 


Tapdesk comes with an elaborate AI-based search engine. From top influencers to leads, you can find all for both your products, service offerings and business growth. 

2.) Easy Pipelines 


Pipelines offered by Tapdesk come with an organized library. It lets you manage all your sales processes seamlessly. The pipeline design it offers is based on the principles of marketing and proven concepts of sales.

3.) Contact Management

Contact Management

To improve your communication, this CRM comes with a brilliant contact management feature.    You can easily manage and organize all your contacts and arrange them lexicographically. The contacts are easy to search and communicate with.

4.)Admin Tools 

Admin Tools

Tapdesk comes with efficient admin tools to manage multiple users or employees. You can manage your workspace effortlessly here. Also, you can easily add users and manage resources, keeping all things in your control and boosting your employees’ productivity.

5.) Scheduling and Calendar 


You can easily schedule all your demos, calls, and meetings with your leads through Tapdesk. It lets you manage all your events efficiently with its calendar feature. You can also keep track of all your appointments and commitments that help you maintain your professional ethics.

6.) Third-party App Integration  

App Integration

Tapdesk makes things easier when it comes to syncing your account with other third-party apps.  You can use different applications to import and export data and for further sharing. This CRM software works great with plenty of third-party apps like LinkedIn, GSuite, Slack, Zoom, and, Intuit that boosts your business communication.

What we like about Tapdesk ?

  • You can create a customise search as per your requirement to find the relevant prospects    
  • Easy to setup
  • Light weight CRM
  • Manage your sales pipeline
  • Excellent customer support to resolve queries
  • Create stunning email campaigns
  • Free Trial to test the product before you pay

Tapdesk Affordable Pricing Plans

1.) Individual ($19.99)

Best suited for private professionals and freelancers

2.) Team Plan ($49.99)

Best suited for group of private professionals, startup or small business

3.) Enterprise Plan ($149.99)

Best suited for medium and large-sized businesses + corporations

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Customer Support

  • 24/7 live support
  • Chat

Final Conclusion

Tapdesk is primarily based on the concept of sales pipeline management. Hence, it works incredibly. It brings in front of you all active and archived pipelines and swiftly manages your leads. So, if you want to improve your efficiency in attracting prospects for your business, Tapdesk is the best CRM you can ever opt for.