Syxsense Secure Review :- Most Powerful Cyber Security Solution of 2023 (Updated)

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Data and network security should be a priority for any company. The rate of cybercrime has only increased over the years, resulting in a loss of billions of dollars. Do you know that most cybercrimes happen at the endpoint? 

As per Cybercrime Magazine  “Cybercrime may cost the world $10.5 Annually by 2025” 

How can you prevent data breach by securing the system and network with additional focus on the endpoints? How can you help your IT department manage data security so that you can provide high-quality services to your customers? 

Syxsense Secure is the first IT management and security tool that offers three crucial features in a single cloud console. It combines vulnerability scanning, endpoint security, and patch management along with an option to collaborate between teams and work together to block security threats. 

Syxsense- Cybersecurity Software

Highlights of Syxsense Secure – CyberSecurity Software

Syxsense Secure uses artificial intelligence and advanced technology to detect and block cyber threats. The tool minimizes the risk of being victimized by hackers. The company believes in process-driven innovation to provide valuable tools and services in the market. 

  • Vulnerability Scanning: The tool constantly scans the systems and network and uses insights from the scanner to implement security settings and check the status of antivirus software. 
  • Patch Management: Patch the weak spots and red zones in the network and multiple devices to ensure that there is no chance for hackers to breach and get into the system through any of the connected devices. It can automatically deploy patches to strengthen a weak point. 
  • Device Quarantine: What if a device has already been infected with malicious software? Syxsense Secure helps prevent the infected device from affecting other devices in the network. You can cut off all communication from the attacked device and isolate the endpoints. You can also kill/ neutralize the malicious software to prevent it from spreading further into the network. 
  • Active Monitoring Set up automated real-time monitoring to detect and stop malicious threats and attacks on the network by cybercriminals. The tool monitors blacklisted software, threats, and hashes on all managed devices. 
  • Use Anywhere, Anytime: The tool is super easy to set up and use. You can secure your IT network anywhere and anytime. Why compromise on data security? 
  • Works with Different OS: Syxsense Secure is compatible with Windows (10), macOS, and Linux. You can connect, control, monitor, and secure several devices in the network using a single tool. 
  • Detailed Reports: You need to know what’s happening in your IT systems, isn’t it? Get endpoint intelligence reports about operating systems, hardware and software security, patches, and more. The tool also shares real-time device monitoring reports so that you know how efficient your system is. 

Features of Syxsense Secure

Let’s know some of the features of Syxsense Secure. 

✓ Syxsense Cortex to automate complex IT demands and security processes. You require to drag and drop the required elements to the interface. 

✓ Use pre-built templates to secure your company instead of hiring a team of specialists. 

✓ Discover and support IoT devices in the network and protect them from attacks. 

✓ Isolate and quarantine any device that has been infected. 

✓ Create unlimited console user accounts and collaborate with other teams in the company. 

✓ Control the tool using voice and AI devices. 

✓ Provide restricted access to end-users. 

✓ Get audit logs and in-depth reports to stay updated about the network’s performance. 

✓ Get priority support services to set up and use the tool. Also, gain access to onboard training. 

Pros and Cons of using Syxsense Secure


  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Fully automated system
  • Essential tool for any IT Organization
  • User friendly interface
  • Best Patch Management Software
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Problem for users working from home but support team

Syxsense Secure Pricing 

The company gives a free 14-day trial to use Syxsense Secure. The trial version provides access to all features once you sign up and activate the account. 

The price starts at $960/ year for ten devices. Contact customer support for more information about the pricing policy. 

Final Conclusion 

Don’t let cyber criminals win this battle. Stay a step ahead of the hackers and protect your data and network using advanced threat detection. Let Syxsense Secure empower and safeguard your IT network and devices from malicious attacks.

The tool works in real-time by automatically monitoring and deploying patches to protect your devices from being vulnerable to cyberattacks. Empower your company and IT team using Syxsense Secure and keep hackers at bay.