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Syslog Watcher

Syslog stands for System Logging Protocol and it is used extensively to send event messages to a particular server. The message in question is called system log and the receiving server is a syslog server. It is basically a process of gathering log information from various devices to a central location for tracking, monitoring, and analysis. The protocol is largely used by system administrators for network management and security auditing. 

Syslog Watcher is an excellent syslog server from the EZ5 Systems which is compatible with Windows. 

Exciting features of Syslog Watcher 

  • Email alerts – Syslog Watcher will send email alerts to the administrator for any new incoming syslog to keep the admin aware of operations. 
  • Database Export – Syslog Watcher is equipped to send accumulated data to different database that are file-based like NoSQL, SQL across ODBC connectors. It also supports exportation to any text file type such as XML, CSV, JSON, etc. 
  • Extensive vendor pack – Syslog Watcher comes with a stacked reference with the significance and consequent action for syslog messages amounting to 14,000 and more, which makes it super easy for the admin to work with the protocol. 
  • Unified filtering rules – There is a comprehensive rule covering all filtering operations passing through Syslog Watcher.  RegExps is used to process the message body of each log.
  • Smart Parser – Syslog Watcher has a smart parser feature which determines the type of source for each log and handles any deviation from the set standard accurately. 

Rating and Reviews

Performance – 4.2

Efficiency – 4.5

Compatibility – 3.9

Speed – 4.3

Overall Rating – 4.2 

Syslog Watcher proves to be a comprehensive solution for collection, storage, and analyses of incoming logs from different hardware and software devices of a network. For retrieval of the saved data, there is an efficient search function complete with filters that allows easy access to message the admin is looking for. The Syslog Watcher has an easy UI/UX which makes it easy to handle and operate. Reports can be scheduled to be mailed directory to the admin’s ID for easier processing of system logs.



What are your benefits?

1.Syslog Watcher makes it extremely easy for admins to maintain network security and stability by collecting and scrutinizing every log thoroughly. 

2. Syslog Watcher offers superfast storage capacity which can work flawlessly even under a heavy load. More than thousands of logs can be processed and analyzed every second with this software.

3. There will be an advanced network subsystem called Syslog Receiver with the next upgrade of Syslog Watcher. The Receiver will be a standalone command-line application.

4. Syslog Watcher supports IPv4/IPv6 interfaces. Syslog over UDP and Syslog over TCP are compatible as well. 


Syslog Watcher has some updated alternatives in the market which can be used in its place. 

A. Syslog for Window – This is a free and open source syslog which includes daemon and client. It provides high performance, log rotation features, and message forwarding options.  

B. Nagios Log Server – This one works on Linux as well as Windows. It is largely used for enterprise-class log monitoring in commercial scope. Logs can be tracked, viewed, and configured quickly and with ease. 

C. NXLog – NXLog works on Windows, Linux, Android phones, and Android tablets. It is a universal collector and forwarder of logs. 

Install Syslog Watcher in your system today 


Syslog is not by default installed on Windows operating systems and therefore require third party configurations for the purpose. The protocol itself requires an efficient syslog server which would play the central station for logs from all around the network. Syslog Watcher checks all the right boxes to be your go to syslog server.

Download and install Syslog Watcher today for absolutely free.