Subivi Review 2023:- Customer Support Solution for eBay Sellers (Updated)

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Customer Service is the key to success in an eCommerce business.

You will be able to see excellent feedback and 5-star ratings if you provide good customer service.

Companies engage with customers via email, chat, telephone, and review sites but today we found an excellent tool for Ebay sellers who are looking to improve their customer service and increase conversions, Average Order Value(AOV), profitability for their business.

Many sellers have multiple accounts on eBay for different products. Managing all these takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? There will hardly be any time left to expand the business if the owner has to continuously hop from one platform to another to track sales and customers’ messages about returns. 

Is there a way to simplify the business operations and help sellers provide better customer support on eBay? 


Subivi is the answer.

Founed in 2016, Subivi is the best customer support solution for eBay sellers to connect their multiple accounts, track messages, cases, and returns, and manage their business with increased efficiency. This results in enhanced customer service, leading to happy customers. Ultimately, it helps increases sales and profits. 

Customer Support Solution for eBay Sellers

Highlights of Subivi 

The platform offers various features exclusively designed to assist business owners who sell on eBay (and other marketplaces). Subivi has been designed by eBay sellers who muddled through the cumbersome processes and workflows. They decided to create an intuitive platform to simplify things for eCommerce business owners. 

  • Tailored Features 

Subivi allows sellers to – 

✓ Create shortcuts to order pages and tracking information on eBay.

✓ Read and mark conversations on eBay without logging into the account. 

✓ Get analytics about the store’s performance and use them to make better decisions. 

  • Automate Messages

There is no need copy paste messages from templates created on another software. Be it welcome messages or thank you messages, send them automatically to every customer who places an order. No need to search for customers and thank them one by one. Subivi automates these messages and sends them on your behalf. 

  • Manage Tickets

Customer support tickets are annoying and infuriating. But a seller has no option but to deal with these at the earliest. Managing tickets on eBay is tiresome. Not anymore. Subivi lets sellers close tickets without logging into an eBay account. Do it straight from this platform. As long as sellers keep their Subivi accounts open, there’s no need to jump from one tab to another. 

  • Connect all eBay Accounts

Subivi not only connects all eBay accounts but also connects the Gmail accounts. Every piece of information related to sales, orders, and customers’ messages can be found on Subivi. Isn’t that time-saving? Imagine how soon the day’s work will be over when the business operations are carried out from a single interface. 

  • Reply Instantly Using Quick Replies 

Checking the status of an order and responding to a customer can take quite a bit of time. What if the details are not accessible at the moment? Keeping a customer waiting for long is not good for business. The Quick Replies feature provides sellers with pre-designed templates and smart tags to send immediate replies. With just a couple of clicks, the status of the order can be found and shared with the customer. 

  • Easy Interface 

Subivi’s dashboard shares all the information in one place. Whether it is customer’s details, order details, or any other information, it’s available in a couple of clicks. There is no longer any need to open a dozen tabs to track, compare, and share the necessary details. The customer’s information is provided with each ticket so that the seller immediately knows what the order is or what needs to be done. 

Subivi Pricing Plans

Subivi do not have a free version to try but you can take 7 days free trial without using a credit card.

Choose the Subivi pricing package based on the number of ebay stores you are planning to integrate in your system.

Starter ($9 per agent/month) 

• For 1 eBay Store

• Upto 60 tickets per month

Basic ($29 per agent/month)

  • For 2 eBay Stores
  • Unlimited tickets and messages

Premium ($69 per agent/month)

  • For 10 eBay Stores
  • Unlimited tickets and messages

Enterprise ($109 per agent/month)

  • For 25 eBay Stores
  • Unlimited tickets and messages

Pros and Cons of Subivi


  • An excellent tool for ebay sellers 
  • Manage all your tickets for multiple eBay stores using one inbox
  • Save time and money 
  • Easy to use interface
  • Get more profitable and increase your business using Subivi
  • Comparing to other CRM’s in terms of pricing and features, Subivi the value for money 


  • Only for ebay Sellers

What customers say about Subivi

Final Conclusion 

Subivi saves time by automating messages, sending quick replies, and allowing business owners to close tickets without opening the eBay website. Subivi is the answer to streamline your eBay seller accounts and expand your business. By decreasing the number of actions to perform a task, Subivi makes it easy to complete a job in quick time and keeps customers happy at all times. 

Why wait when there’s an easy interface promising to help speed up eCommerce business operations? Check out Subivi today.