Get the lost data back with Stellar Mac Data Recovery -Full Review

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 Like windows operating system, even the Mac computers get corrupted over the period of time, the users end up losing their important data permanently hence you must use data backup tool that can help you to take backup whenever you lost your important data.Windows user is very lucky as there is data recovery software available for the machines running on the Windows operating system. While coming to Mac device, it may be a bit challenging for the users to get efficient Mac data recovery software. If you find it hard to explore various sources for good Mac data recovery software, you will find stellar phoenix mac data recovery software from the list of top tools.

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Why Stellar when there are many other alternatives?

Several tests on this toll were performed by experts, and the obtained results were very good when compared to other Mac hard drive recovery software. Stellar is able to save you a lot of time and stress when you are trying to retrieve data from a damaged device or for system failures due to malware or virus attacks. With Stellar installed on your device, you would be able to recover a wide range of file formats from a variety of supported media from the depths of Mac hard drives and removable disks.

It’s very easy to use stellar

When you start the Stellar Phoenix software, it displays a spacious screen that asks you what to recover and displays the types of available recovery options. You need to select the type of data that has to be recovered which can be photos, videos or other important documents.

The document type is selected by default, but you can change the search to your preferences.  In the subsequent screen next, you will come across windows explorer style menu of your device locations like internal folders or your hard drive.

What types of recovery can Stellar do for you?

When the Stellar Mac hard drive recovery software is installed on your device, you will be able to do the below-given things.

  •  Recovers data from iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro
  • In short span of time, you can recover deleted files or inaccessible files like documents, videos, applications etc.
  • It helps to search for lost or deleted files on your Mac
  • Helps to quickly recover information from the hard drive.
  • Quick scan and tracking feature in this application can easily help you to analyze the hard drive and find out physical issues.
  • Its user interface is very friendly.
  • Stellar facilitates  raw data recovery on Mac devices  and from encrypted file systems
  • It  shows a way for Smooth Mac file recovery from unmounted OS X volumes
  • With the help of stellar, you will be able to recover deleted files from Time Machine hard drive
  • Compatible with macOS High Sierra, macOS Sierra, OS X El and others

No doubt that you are likely to feel anxious and harried at the moment when you are trying to recover the lost files but beautiful and uncluttered user interface of stellar is a major stress reducer, as it enables to easily start the process without depending on anyone’s assistance.

This is the easy to use tool which provides a user-friendly interface that offers a variety of customization options on Mac. Plenty of options in stellar data recovery ensure you are able to find the required information the first time for dependable file recovery.

Mac data recovery software is backed by competent algorithms that can successfully attain restoration of permanently deleted data.  In Mac devices, data is stored in the trash before it is completely moved out of the system. Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery can redo the file deletion within a few clicks. All the deleted items will be restored with their original file names so that you can find them easily.

Features of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Recover external hard disk drive on Mac

Mac hard drive recovery is not an easy thing but it can be done within a fraction of minutes if a proper recovery tool is used! Stellar data recovery software for Mac works according to the underlying hard drive structure, so it is possible to easily rescue the lost data or deleted data from any formatted hard disk drive. You have to connect an external drive to your device and proceed with Mac disk recovery.

 Time machine back up drive recovery becomes easy with stellar data

Although a Time Machine Backup is supposed to store your important data so that you can access it in emergency situations, the drive on which you back up files can get structurally damaged.  Don’t waste your valuable time if you have come across such situations,

Download Stellar data recovery software and connect your hard drive or back up the source to your Mac and open the tool. The application treats Time Machine drive as a normal hard drive and shows user-friendly options to perform Mac hard drive recovery. Apart from time Machine data recovery, Stellar data now supports Apple Time Capsule on sparse bundle disk image

 How can you recover the encrypted disc?

Now you don’t need to worry if your password protected hard drive has been damaged or corrupted, never lose hope on the lost data. Now it is very easy to recover data from the encrypted device using stellar Mac data recovery software. Just connect the drive to your Mac and double-click on the application. You will be asked to enter the password to get access to the drive. You can proceed further to recover the deleted files soon after unlocking the drive. You should never forget your password.

Perform the recovery process as per your convenience

This software not only recovers the lost data but also works as per your interests? If you need to stop the recovery process to focus on works,   there is ‘Resume Recovery’ option which allows you to save an image of the completed process till the moment in the form of a Disk Image file on the hard drive on your hard drive. Later, you can start the recovery process from the place where you have stopped it,

 Get a preview of Mac deleted files

Stellar data recovery application provides a free preview of all recoverable files that can be transferred or saved on other hard drives.  By using the preview feature of this application Mac users can ascertain that the software will retrieve their deleted or lost files successfully without any delays.

It also offers to preview the corrupt files in the safe mode to prevent Mac from freezing. If you are facing a case of volume inaccessibility while using the application, stellar Mac data recovery tool can detect such a volume and list that volume in the software that can be used later to recover the data.

Plus points in Stellar data recovery software

  • It has a friendly user interface that walks you through the data recovery process in a wizard-like an ambiance.
  • Once you install the application on your Mac, it becomes easy to save and resume the scan results of the recoverable files.
  • There is an option to  pick individual files to recover on the go
  • Preview mode helps to have a glance look at files before recovering them.
  • Last but not least, the program is capable of recovering fully corrupt and even deleted partitions on your device.

Some parts of your device can’t be accessed by the drive because of permanent physical damage to the disk surface or severe effect of malware.  If it happens, the system may crash by continuously reading of these bad happenings.

You need to use the stellar Mac data recovery software to recover the files as early as possible to escape from huge losses.  There is no specific limit on the amount of data that you plan to recover. Some features optimize the recovery process so that it best suits your Mac.

Boot the Mac to recover data

Your Mac can become unbootable if its boot volume gets damaged due to any issue. The tool about which we are talking in this article is available with a bootable system startup DVD that you can use in such situations.  You just need to boot the Mac using startup disc and then run data recovery Mac software to recover all your data.

After installing the software on your device, open Mac Data Recovery and select the volume or device you want to use for data recovery. The scanning source may be a hard drive volume on your PC or any connected external storage device. You may access the preferences for Mac Data Recovery by clicking on the Settings Icon in the top right of the screen.

System Specifications

Processor Intel
Operating System macOS High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6
Memory 1 GB Minimum
Hard Disk 50 MB of Free Space
License & Version Single User License Can use only on a single system. Version 8.0
Language Supported English

Getting Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery tool downloaded and installed is a very simple and easy process.  Anyone can download it from company’s download page.Once you have the program installed, you need to activate it for using complete features. Every aspect of the user experience in this recovery software is meant to be as user-friendly. Hope by now you have come to know the importance of stellar Mac data recovery in your computing Life.