SSL2BUY: The Definitive Source for Your SSL Certificate

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Have you ever noticed that the right decision is hard to take? 

Did you ever notice how much your mind tosses through the pros and cons of the product regularly, before making a final purchase decision?

The answer is “Yes, so truly said”. The reason is that a perfect decision comes by taking into consideration many factors. The same theory goes with SSL certificate too. 

What is SSL?

Since there is a constant demand for web security, SSL certificates (Secure Socket Layer) are one of those securities which website owners prefer for securing their business site. 

In e-commerce business, the first security check customers ensure is to check, whether the website has SSL encryption security or not. The success of your website is directly proportionate to the secure environment which you give to your customers, while they access your site. This improves the trust factor too. 

A visitor visiting the site visualizes the trust symbols like site seal, HTTPS in the URL bar, a padlock in the address bar and later is ready to make transactions, thus increasing business sales.

Why SSL?

With the rise in digitalization, websites are the main target for hackers. The main reason these fraudsters target sites is to gain client information.

This information may consist of, bank account number, card information, and passwords etc. which are sensitive and should not be leaked. When this confidential data is transmitted between browser and server, it is in a readable format. This format can be easily interpreted by hackers, who can misuse your data. 

To make this format safe, encryption (coded format) is essential. SSL certificate installed on a website provides this encryption security to keep your data safe. It helps in getting a high position in Google SEO ranks too.

Where to buy SSL?

Now that everyone is aware of the usefulness of SSL encryption security for a website, and customer data protection against fraudsters, the next task is to select the best reseller for SSL certificates.

Investment in an SSL certificate is worth considering option because it is available in many brands and products. 

One of the best and reliable SSL resellers is SSL2BUY  which has emerged with a strong positive image for them in the web security world, where there is a lot of cut-throat competition amongst SSL service providers. They have reached the peak because of their quality, reliability, and trustworthiness which they provide to their customers. 

Let’s check out what makes SSL2BUY so desirable amongst site owners.

Magnificent Perks of SSL2BUY:

  • Tie-ups with Major SSL brands:

SSL2BUY is one of the leading SSL providers who offer a wide range of SSL security certificates at nominal but attractive rates. Since it has tie-ups with all major Certificate Authorities (CA), e.g. Comodo, Thawte, GeoTrust, Symantec, RapidSSL, GlobalSign etc. you get all these brands at a single platform. These brands are globally famous and trusted, and hence huge corporates approach SSL2BUY for securing their site.

  • Budget-Friendly Prices:

Some server securities come cheap, and some are costly. Majority of the businesses put a limited budget on security and SSL2BUY ensures that they provide that security within the customer-defined budget. 

Since they purchase SSL products in large volumes from CA’s, they can sell the same to customers at highly affordable prices, without compromising on the quality. 

This global SSL provider sells Cheap SSL Wildcard, which secures unlimited sub-domains at 256-bit SSL encryption security and 2048-bit CSR encryption at very nominal rates. 

Example: Comodo Wildcard SSL is available at a rate of $58 whereas the vendor rates are $393 and AlphaSSL Wildcard at $40 while the vendor sells them at $149.

Even free re-issuances of SSL certificates and unlimited server licences are available at the purchase of SSL certificate. These freebies save lots of money, which attracts companies to opt for SSL2BUY, thus keeping them ahead of the competition and undoubtedly making them one of the best SSL resellers in the market.

  • Money-back guarantee:

What if the product is not worth it? Or What if I am unhappy with the product? This is the question which bothers many clients at the time of purchasing any product. The same question applies to SSL products too. 

Keeping in mind this client’s query, SSL2BUY has come up with 30 days full money-back guarantee offers on all its SSL products. This ensures customers that they don’t face any monetary loss in case of product dissatisfaction and this financial safety gives them peace of mind, forcing them to opt for SSL2BUY. 

  • One stop Destination for SSL products:

SSL2BUY has a diversified stock of SSL products of all global brands. Varied businesses have different security needs and budget costs, and hence SSL2BUY is a one-stop destination for fulfilling all their security demands.  

You get all the above types of SSL certificates like Single Domain, Multi-Domain and Wildcard SSL along with all validations like Domain Validation, Organisation Validation, and Extended Validation. 

All these certificates have different security features and different prices. They are also available in different brands, so the customer has a variety of options before making a final purchase of SSL certificate.

  • Excellent Customer Support:

The stars say it all. Customer support and customer satisfaction go together. Be it online shopping, or physical shopping of a product from a store, if a customer support team is outstanding, the sales will rise automatically. 

SSL2BUY is one such service provider who provides not only excellent round the clock, live customer support, but also offers expert help in installation of SSL certificate on your website. They have answers to all your complicated questions, and you will find many answers on their wiki page too. 

Their stepwise guide from the creation of CSR keys, installation queries etc. to providing free online tools like SSL certificate decoder, SSL converter, CSR decoder are commendable.

  • Quick navigation and checkout Process:

You will be amazed by the site loading speed, easy navigation of the site and quick checkout process when you visit SSL2BUY store for purchase of SSL products. The checkout process is very simple like select the product, Review and Checkout. You can navigate easily and select your SSL certificate type and proceed for the checkout process. The payment process is quick, and you get your SSL certificate instantly depending on the type of SSL selection.

  • Speedy processing of SSL orders:

SSL orders are quickly processed, and customers get their SSL certificate soon after placing an order in SSL2BUY. 

Once you have placed on order for Domain Validation SSL of any reputed brand, SSL2BUY will process it in less than 5 minutes. Though OV and EV require a bit more time to process because of business verification and authentication, and third-party database verification. The processing time is still less as compared to competitors.

Wrapping Up

All the above features have made SSL2BUY a leader in the SSL market. They not only guarantee 100% customer satisfaction but also provide branded SSL products, with money-back guarantees and live customer support round the clock. 

Their competitive pricing and quality of service, earn them recommendations from loyal customers and companies, thus increasing their market reputation, keeping them ahead of their competitors. Go to SSL2BUY for your SSL requirement and secure your business site with encryption.