SpreadSimple: Superfast way to Create a Website from Google Sheets (No need of coding)

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SpreadSimple - Create a Website from Google Sheets

A website is necessary to take your business into the market. However, designing a website is tricky, time-consuming, and cost-intensive. What if you can create a website for your business using Google Sheets? 

Is it possible? 

Yes, it is!

Spreadsimple is a simple and easy way to create and manage websites using google doc. Customize your website by adding features such as search, sorting, filtering, shopping cart, SEO, custom scripts, and many more. Whenever you update your sheet, changes will automatically reflect on your website.

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Whether you’re a marketer, online seller, or an eCommerce business owner, you can convert the inventory and pricing details listed in Google Sheets as items for sale on the website. There’s no need to contact any professional developer or hire an agency to design the website. You can create a professional-looking website on your own without using any code. 

Who Can Use SpreadSimple ?

SpreadSimple is for startups and SMEs who want an easy and user-friendly website to list their products and allow sales. 

1.) Ecommerce Business Owners

Do you sell consumer goods in the market? From jewelry to soaps to costumes and much more, anything you design or source can be sold using the website created by SpreadSimple. 

2.) Cafés and Eateries

People love to read the menu online before they visit a café or a restaurant. The pandemic has caused more people ordering home deliveries of their favorite food items. Even you already have a landing page, you can use the SpreadSimple widget to automatically update the menu by taking data from Google Sheets. 

3.) Real Estate Agents

Property lists require regular updates. Using SpreadSimple will save time and help you focus on finding more clients. It also becomes easier to promote your agency using the website. 

4.) Affiliate Marketers

A successful affiliate marketer is not hard to be if you have a website of your own and can generate organic traffic. Instead of spending all your energy on creating a website and adding pages to it, let SpreadSimple do the job in a few minutes. Forget about manually updating the website every time. 

5.) Startups

Promoting your startup becomes easier when you have a website to direct people to. List your products/ services on the site and connect them to platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. 

6.) Online Coaching

Do you provide courses and coaching online? Convert the list of courses you offer, their prices, and course period from the Google Sheets to the website. Get students to enroll in the classes directly through the site. Use third-party integrations to teach online classes on the website. 

Templates Offered by SpreadSimple 


The simplest way to create a website is to use existing templates. But won’t the website look similar to other sites? Not if you customize it for your business. 

SpreadSimple provides templates only as a starting point to create a website. How you design the rest is in your hands. You can choose from the collection of templates available for each type of business. If your business is not specifically listed, you can choose the nearest one and customize the website. Go creative and design a fresh and unique website for your business. 

SpreadSimple Features 

SpreadSimple offers so many features that the list looks endless. The platform has considered various aspects needed for a website so that you don’t have to worry about not having access to a particular feature. 

  • Various themes, including light and dark 
  • Creating an order form 
  • Cart to add purchases 
  • Responsive website design 
  • Free dedicated domain for the website 
  • Flexible layouts for content distribution 
  • Filters and categories to sort the items on the website 
  • HTTPS and SSL secure connection 
  • Mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly website 
  • Google Analytics and other analytical tools
  • Item Variations
  • Site-wide password protection
  • Add-ons using third-party integrations 
  • Checkout Settings
  • PayPal integration for eCommerce 
  • Add a search option 
  • Webhooks automation and many more 

Third-Party Tool Integrations 

For a website to fully function, it needs to facilitate interactions with customers, allow you to showcase the product lists on global marketplaces, and provide analytics to know the status of the website. 

SpreadSimple lets you integrate various tools with the website in the simplest manner. Want to chat with a customer? Go ahead and add Whatsapp, Zapier, MailChimp, Membestack, and more.

Connect the website to your social media accounts like Twitter, YouTube, etc. Add Mailchimp to send newsletters to users who’ve subscribed to the website. No one will ever know that your website has not been designed by an expert. 

SpreadSimple Pricing Plans

You can opt for a free plan which is completely free and switch to a pro plan as you grow.

Free Plan (No need to Pay) 

  • Responsive design
  • Light/dark theme
  • Search, sorting, filters, Pagination
  • Content blocks
  • Customizable Cards
  • Instant update with Google sheets
  • Customizable SpreadSimple sub-domain
  • Header and Navigation
  • Content page but limited
  • Markdown support

Take a test drive of Pro Plan ($13/month per website)  – Get 20% discount on the yearly plan

  • All Free options
  • Remove branding
  • Connect custom domain
  • Visible for search engines
  • SEO settings: meta tags, favicon, preview image
  • Add custom scripts and CSS
  • Add analytics and chat
  • Shopping cart
  • Paypal checkout
  • Embed as widget to external website
  • Item details page
  • Cookie Popup
  • Content Pages
  • Automation (Webhooks and Zapier)
  • Pro add-ons (Integrations)

Final Conclusion

SpreadSimple is a foolproof way to create a business website without shelling out more than what you can afford. With countless customizations and an easy-to-use interface, the platform is a wonderful way to have a website to represent your business in the competitive world. 

Moreover, you can further fine-tune the website by adding custom scripts and CSS if you are a professional programmer. Check out SpreadSimple to know more. 

Let us know your experience in the comments.