SOAX Proxies Review 2023 – The Best Mobile Proxy Provider in the Market (Updated )

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Mobile proxies are portable devices (e.g., a smartphone) that can access the internet using cellular data. People use mobile proxies to disguise their actual IP addresses with the proxy device’s IP address. 

Currently, there are many providers of residential and mobile proxies on the internet, but not all offer quality proxies that support both 3G and 4G connections. One provider that’s consistently stood out in the market is SOAX. It offers both mobile and residential proxies and has over 8.5 million active IP addresses across the world. So, users from across the world can use SOAX and browse their mobile internet safely. This wide pool of IPs, allows this back-connect proxy provider to provide rotating proxies that automatically facilitate IP rotation.

Users can request to launch entirely new sessions with completely different IP addresses. Or, after a certain time duration, SOAX automatically rotates their users’ IPs. These security-friendly features make SOAX the best mobile proxy for data scraping and crawling. Users will never encounter mobile internet security issues such as CAPTCHA verification processes with SOAX. Their exclusive proxies belong to them, and they can easily browse their mobile internet while keeping their identities masked. 

SOAX at a Glance

• Company Name – SOAX

• Type – Internet Security Service or VPN Service

• Customer Support –

• Headquarters – London, United Kingdom

• Type of Proxies Offered – Proxies are 100% whitelisted (SOAX offers over 8.5 million mobile/residential IPs). 

• Price – $175/months (Starting pack)

• Free Trial – Yes

The SOAX platform offers user extremely detailed geo-targeting features. The user-friendly interface allows users to change their IP addresses manually. The proxies are completely whitelisted and allow users to preserve their online anonymity without being detected or flagged.

Key Features of SOAX 

The exclusive proxy pool and the flexible pricing plans have attracted hundreds of thousands of users from across the world to SOAX. The platform makes it very easy to secure proxies as it’s full of detailed geo-targeting features. The IPs in SOAX’s pool are authentic and from real mobiles, desktops, etc. The fact that all IPs are 100% whitelisted eliminates the risk of facing abrupt bans. Users can switch IPs at will and conduct SERP analysis, SEO analysis, data scraping, and other tasks with ease.

Mobile and Residential Proxies

SOAX is different from other proxy providers as it offers users a steady mixture of both mobile and residential proxies. Users get a lot of conveniences as they get to choose from over 8.5 million proxies from over 120 countries. Each proxy is unique and can be sourced back to an actual device. SOAX has by far the most extensive IP pools in the market. Users should check out the details of this wide pool on the company website. 


What makes SOAX a market favorite is that it’s one of the few proxy providers to offer both extensive proxy pools and low prices. The pricing plans are diverse and time-efficient. For instance, users can sign up just for one day! The more ports a user acquires on SOAX, the more genuine IPs he/she receives. No additional fees are charged for making these ports automatic/manual. Here’s a breakdown of their charges –

• $20 per day ($400 per month) – Unlimited residential proxies with over 300 concurrent IP connections.

• Starter pack – $175 per month

• Advance Pack with 300 unique ports – $600 per month

• Enterprise WiFi – $4000 per month

Features like targeting websites based on their geo-locations are not limited. No matter what package users choose, they receive all features of the platform. 

Efficient Data Scraping Performance

SOAX is ideal for internet marketers who want to monitor prices, conduct SEO research, etc., on other websites. With SOAX, they can freely visit these sites, even if they have strict policies against data scrapping. 

Customer Service

SOAX’s technical support team is accessible 24/7. The official website is also a decent source of information. 

Soax Review:- Plans and Pricing

From 6 different subscription plans, check all features and choose plan accordingly



Price: $150 per month

  •       10 GB
  •       $15 per GB
  •       300 ports


Price: $700 per month

  •       100 GB
  •       $7 per GB
  •       600 ports


Price: $2500 per month

  •       500 GB
  •       $5 per GB
  •       1000 ports


Price: $175 per month

  •       5 GB
  •       $35 per GB
  •       300 ports


Price: $600 per month

  •       20 GB
  •       $30 per GB
  •       600 ports


Price: $2500 per month

  •       100 GB
  •       $25 per GB
  •       1000 ports

Pros of SOAX 

• Easy to use

• Provides reliable services

• Cost-efficient 

• Users get access to a pool of over 8.5 million unique residential and mobile IPs

• Precise geo-targeting: filter proxies by country, region, city, or provider

• Easy to use UI, with an informative dashboard

• 24×7 customer support

• Free trial available

Cons of SOAX

• Not designed for users who simply want to browse the internet anonymously. It’s meant for specialists who need online protection and safety for work-related purposes.

Final Verdict 

SOAX is definitely one of the world’s leading mobile proxy providers. Their flexible services make the process of accessing restricted websites very easy. Access anything anywhere using Soax 8 million proxy pool.

24/7 customer support provides everything you need.

Once you are satisfied with the pricing plans, you can buy any of them.