Snippyly – A Versatile Web Screenshots Browser Extension Tool (Tested)

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Snippyly - Take Full Web Page Screenshot

How many screenshots have you stored in your computer’s memory? No matter if you are a student, teacher, designer, or engineer, you need to take screenshots of websites and forms for multiple reasons. 

Though you can use the keyword option to ‘print screen,’ you cannot directly share it by saving it as an image on your computer. Also, editing the image requires using multiple other tools. All of this is time-consuming and doesn’t facilitate collaborations between team members either. It’s pretty much a traditional process. 

Snippyly is a modern Google Chrome extension tool that allows you to take full-page screenshots, edit and send them from the same location. You can then either share it via a link, copy to your clipboard or download as an image


Developed by two ex-Googlers, Snippyly turns every screen capture into a canvas for you to crop, annotate, share, and collaborate. The tool has been inspired by Google’s most used internal collaboration tool and is considered the best Google Chrome Extension for screenshots. 

So what makes Snippyly so famous among people from various industries? Let’s take a look at its features. 

Features of Snippyly – Website Screenshot Tool

  • Working with remote teams is now easier. Sending emails back and forth with screenshots attached is not required. There is no risk of missing or losing screenshots with vital edits.  
  • You can take a screenshot in three ways- click on the Snippyly extension icon, use a keyboard shortcut, or use the right click of your mouse. 
  • Editing the screenshot is super easy. No need to copy the image to paint or other tools. Directly edit it to add boxes, text, hide sensitive content, make comments, crop, and send the link to anyone you want. 
  • Report visible bugs of a website so that the programmer can work on debugging faster. 
  • Increase your team’s productivity by allowing them to work together without compromising on access permissions. 
  • The auto-generated screenshot link can be shared with anyone. But what if you want to restrict edit permissions? What if you want the client or the other person to only see the screenshot? 
  • Simply edit the access link and set it to view-only. This will allow them to see the screenshot but not edit it without your permission. Cool, right? 

Privacy is one of the key concerns for most people. With Snippyly, there’s nothing to worry about. The company recognizes the need for privacy and doesn’t ask for any blanket Chrome permissions to access data. The screenshots can be deleted anytime you want. 

The data is aggregated and stored anonymously without compromising your data privacy. You don’t have to sign in if you want to be anonymous when using Snippyly. Your data privacy is in your control. 

Snippyly Pricing 


The company offers three price plans to choose from based on your requirements. 

  • Free Starter Plan: Take unlimited screenshots and have access to unlimited cloud storage. You can store up to 10 screenshots in the library.Key features such as editing the screenshot and providing limited access are available with this plan. This is a wonderful option for freelancers and startup businesses, students, teachers, etc.
  • Plus Plan ($5/ month): You can take HD screenshots and store unlimited screenshots in the library. This plan additionally offers third-party integrations, advanced access control, advanced library management, and priority support from the team. 
  • Enterprise Plan ($7/month): It offers everything from the Plus Plan and also provides domain restricted access, allows you to custom brand the tool, and see the engagement insights. 

👉 You can get around a 20% discount by opting for annual billing instead of monthly billing. The company offers special discounts for teachers and students. They provide one year free on the Plus Plan.  

👉 Educational institutions can also get one year free on the Enterprise Plan. Non-profit organizations can contact the support team to ask for special discounts to use the screenshot tool. 

What if you want volume discounts? Contact the support team. The company is friendly in its approach and wants to help as many people and organizations as possible to make things easy when working on projects. 

Final Conclusion 

The Snippyly link is accessible through desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. It works on all major browsers. Even if the other person does not use Chrome or is logged in via a smartphone, they can still access and open the screenshot link. 

When you and your team members can simultaneously work on the same screenshot and edit it, why do you need to look for any other tool? Our team is delighted with the ease of using Snippyly and has been finishing our work faster and better.