Slides With Friends:- Team Engagement Made Easy

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Slides With Friends -Team Engagement Made Easy

Team meetings are a part of day-to-day activities at work. Sometimes, the meetings are so frequent that you can hear your team groan and sigh in disinterest. We know meetings are rarely fun at work. This leads to decreased productivity over time and affects the quality of work.

By implementing small changes, you can make team meetings more lively and fun. Whether it is an in-person meeting or a virtual one, you can encourage the team members to become active participants.

So how do you do that? Simple.

Use an interactive platform to create games, quizzes, slideshows, training sessions, and more. Slides With Friends has been developed to help remote and hybrid teams work together in a relatively stress-free environment.

How Slides With Friends Works?

A platform is more useful when UI is easy to understand and navigate. SlidesWith provides you with decks to organize events. You can use the existing decks and tweak them or create a new one exclusively for the meeting.

After creating the event, you can launch and share it with others. All you need to do is share the screen with the team members. The members don’t have to install any apps or login into any accounts. They just have to use the URL link or scan the QR code to join the event (pretty much like a Zoom meeting).

Encourage the team members to engage and interact with each other through the events and games. SlidesWith can be termed as an advanced version of PowerPoint. It is a real-time, full-screen event that can be shared through conferencing platforms.

The best part is that you can start using the platform for free. Oh, yes! Shall we take a look at the features of SlidesWith and see what makes it a favorite of so many team leaders?

Features of Slides With Friends

Team Building Games

Be it a mini-game for a few minutes or a full hour-long that involves different activities, you can create a multitude of team-building games for your teammates to participate in and win.

Live Polling

Polls are always a fun way to get feedback. And since SlidesWith lets you create colorful polls in graphs and charts, it’ll increase member participation. You can download the results and export the Excel or CSV file to analyze the final outcome.

Interactive Presentations

A slide deck is much like a PowerPoint presentation but with more features. It is interactive, real-time, and urges the team members to join the presentation instead of being a passive audience. Every member gets to choose an online avatar to make it more interesting. There’s an option to play live soundtracks and create a friendly and positive environment for the meeting.


Question and answers, multiple-choice questions, guessing games, etc., are always a hit with people. Create live quizzes and pop questions to test the team’s knowledge about the project, brand, competitors, and the industry.

Word Clouds for Brainstorming

Ideas are tricky. They refuse to come when we need them the most. SlidesWith has a feature called Word Clouds, where words are randomly arranged on the screen. As people vote for the words they like, the set gets rearranged. This helps in increasing the productivity of your brainstorming sessions.

Live Photo Sharing

Sharing photos is a great way to break the ice and get talking, isn’t it? You can take a picture or upload one from the computer/ smartphone. Every team member can share a picture and talk about it. You can create a live slideshow of pictures during the meeting to increase participation and interaction.

Who Can Use SlidesWith

SlidesWith has been created for teams. However, you can also use the platform to organize-

• Live events for audience/ customers
• Meetings and virtual conferences with stakeholders
• Employee engagement activities throughout the company
• Employee training and team building
• Virtual hangouts with friends/ coworkers
• Classroom sessions for students and trainees

SlidesWith is not limited to companies alone. Teachers and educators can also use the platform to interact with students and make classes more engaging.

Slides With Friend Pricing Plans

Pick the best plan that fits your team and host successful virtual events to bring people together

Free ( $0 /per month)

Get started with a free version if you are looking to host small events for friends, family, and co-workers

  • Host up to 10 people
  • All slide and interaction types
  • Custom fonts & design
  • No limit on number of slides

Starter ( $6 /per month) – $72 per year

Starter plan to run events for teams, communities, and midsize groups

  • Host up to 50 people
  • All slide and interaction types
  • Custom fonts & design
  • No limit on number of slides
  • Save and export event data
  • Moderator tools (soon)

Pro ( $14 /per month) – $168  per year

Run branded events for companies, conferences and large groups

All Starter plan features +

  • Host up to 200 people
  • Remove slides with friends logo

Final Conclusion

Team meetings do not have to be dull or stressful. Several MNCs and organizations are using SlidesWith to help team leaders manage their teams. It helps facilitate communication and increase productivity while having a lighthearted and interactive session.

Slides With Friends is easy to use, no matter what the team size is. With so many attractive features and offerings, the platform is a must-use for hybrid and remote teams to create a healthy working environment.