Simple Video Compressor Review: Your Ultimate Solution To Video Compressor Needs

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Those who work on editing videos or motion pictures know the importance of a good video compressor. The main idea is to come across a one-stop solution for all types of video compressor tools. There are quite a few factors that one needs to consider while selecting the right video compressing software available in the market.

Simple Video Compressor by 4dots is a reliable video compressing software that you can utilize to compress videos with ease and, at the same time, retain the qualities of these videos. In my opinion, the best part is, the users of the software will be able to do so with just a mouse-click.

What does Simple Video Compressor software offer?

The main utility of the Simple Video Compressor software by 4dots is to help users compress the size of their videos enormously while ensuring good quality even after compression. There are no limitations for the size of the videos that the user can upload on the software for compression.

In terms of video resolutions, the video compressor can accept all video resolutions as input, and there is no limitation on uploading specific video formats either. 

Download and install this smart video compressor app and right click on any video to get your file compressed.


How does Simple Video Compressor work?

Using the functionalities of the tool is fairly simple, even for beginners. All it requires is a click of a button to load the video for compression on the software. The quality after compression is not degraded much. However, you can modify the compression ratio by opting for a suitable option from the drop-down. I personally find this option to be quite attractive.

Similarly, multiple videos can be dragged onto the software and compressed with ease.

The main features of the software

Here are some of the most significant features of Simple Video Compressor software that the users can enjoy:

  • Importing multiple batch lists

There is no restriction on the number of videos that you can compress with this software. The users can simply upload batch lists from text files, excel files, as well as CSV files. This enhances the utility and simplicity of the entire process.

Complete privacy and security 

Simple Video Compressor software is an offline one and does not function on the internet. Therefore, you get complete privacy during video compression. 

Multilingual video compressor

Another great feature of the software is that it is multilingual in nature and can be translated into more than 39 languages. Thus, users anywhere across the globe can utilize the functions of the tools with ease.

Excellent in-built services

With Simple Video Compressor software, you don’t just get to compress videos; they can also access the in-built player to run the videos. Additionally, the software has a drag and drop service available too.

Summing up

Simple Video Compressor by 4dots is a reputable solution to compress videos in a convenient manner. Moreover, the features such as in-built player and multilingual facility are an added advantage. The privacy aspect is taken care of too, so there aren’t noticeable issues with the software.