ServerMx Review 2022:- Reliable and Secure Email Hosting for your Business

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Servermx - Secure Email Hosting

Email hosting is a service where you set up a custom email address to send and receive emails. It’s where you manage all the email communication in one place. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employees use official email ids with the website as the domain name. This makes the email ids appear professional. Such emails need to be hosted separately and are usually managed by the web hosting service provider. 

However, some businesses and individuals prefer to use a different email hosting service to effectively manage emails. It’s common for marketers to use email hosting services to run email marketing campaigns. 

What are the benefits of using Email Hosting Services 

There are many reasons to use email hosting services: 

1.) Data Security and Encryption 

Email hosting services provide additional data security and protection to the emails you send and receive. Some servers offer 128-bit encryption that encrypts the data sent from one server to another. Even if the network gets hacked, your data will not be affected due to encryption. Businesses can safely conduct confidential transactions through email and not worry about the data being compromised or leaked.

2.) IMAP and POP3 Access

IMAP and POP3 are well-known protocols used to access emails from the mail servers. The email hosting service provider allows you to choose between the protocols to access your emails online and offline.

3.) No Storage Issues 

Almost each one of us has a Gmail id. We get 15GB of free disk space to store our emails and add data to the drive. Once we use up this space, we’ll have to pay for additional space. Email hosting service providers offer more storage space to suit the requirements of businesses. You can choose the necessary storage space and scale it as per your needs. Flexibility in data storage is one of the advantages of using email hosting services. 

4.) Minimize Spam and Malware 

We can never have too many spam filters for the emails. The hosting service providers usually add multiple filters to ensure that no spam, virus, or malware gets through and enters the inbox. Using email hosting services is a way to reduce the risk of phishing attacks.

5.) Up-Time 

What do you do when you suddenly realize that you can’t access your emails due to server issues? It’s annoying, right? Email hosting services ensure guaranteed up-time so that you don’t miss out on important communication due to network problems. 

Overview of Servermx

Started in 2012, Servermx is an Italian solution provider. The company continues to provide affordable and reliable email hosting services to businesses from around the globe. Servermx is run by a team of engineers and mathematicians who call themselves email artisans.  

The team has developed open-source software that helps small businesses manage their email network as effectively as large organizations. Even though Servermx doesn’t offer any web hosting services, it is still a preferred choice for email hosting services.

Servermx is an email hosting provider with almost a decade of experience in the industry. It provides access to IMAP, POP3, and SMTP mail servers.

Features of Servermx 

Here’s what Servermx offers to its clients:

 ➢ Email management services for individual users in the enterprise

➢ Calendar integration with calDAV and cardDAV protocols

➢ Supports multiple languages, including the ones written from right to left (Arabic, etc.) 

➢ Dropbox Integration

➢ Servermx uses SSL encrypted transmission to send and receive emails 

➢ Emails can be accessed from any device (desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphone, etc.)

➢ Contacts can be added/ deleted 

➢ A calendar can be used added for tracking and scheduling 

➢ Businesses with multiple domains can use them from the same account 

Why Servermx for email hosting?

  1. GDPR Compliant (General Data Protection Regulation)
  2. Unlimited Domains
  3. Free 30 days email hosting trial
  4. Advertising Free

Servermx Pricing

Plan NameStorageNumber of SitesPrice
SMX ALPHA 22 GB for each email boxUnlimited€ 1.0 emailbox/month
SMX ALPHA 55 GB for each email boxUnlimited€ 1.5 emailbox/month
SMX ALPHA 2020 GB for each email boxUnlimited€ 2.0 emailbox/month
SMX ALPHA 5050 GB for each email boxUnlimited€ 4.0 emailbox/month

Servermx Pros and Cons


  • Multi-layered anti-spam filters 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Multiple price plans 
  • Access to tutorials and blogs 
  • Cost-effective and multicurrency support 


  • No live chat option 
  • Doesn’t offer web hosting 

Final Conclusion 

Servermx is a simple, efficient, secure, and cost-effective email hosting solution. Using a separate service provider simplifies your business processes to a great extent. If your website and email host on the same server, you’ll have to migrate both when moving your website to a bigger server. 

But if your email system is hosted separately, there’s no need to migrate it anywhere. Servemx is your one-stop solution for email hosting services. Start with the free 30-day trial offer to understand how well it works.