Must-Have Toolkit to Measure the Website’s SEO Performance- SERPWizz

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How do you measure your website’s performance? Online SEO tools are so useful, aren’t they? The tools do the hard work and make it easy for us to monitor how well the website is delivering results for us. 

Thanks to the increase in demand for SEO, many agencies and companies have created online SEO tools. SERPWizz is a popular SEO Audit tool that can be used by business owners and SEO agencies. Whether you want to improve your SEO knowledge by working on your own or use the white-label SEO tool on behalf of your agency, SERPWizz is here, ready to be downloaded and used. 

Overview of SERPWIZZ

The company was founded to provide a comprehensive SEO audit tool with white-label services. The team has noticed the lack of quality white-label services that can help SEO agencies add value to their reports. Our SERPWizz audit tool has been designed to help agencies provide their clients with the best SEO services and grow their businesses in the process. 

Features of SERPWizz 

How do we know that SERPWizz is a useful and must-have SEO toolkit? Take a look at the following features:

1. In-depth Website Audit: This easy-to-use tool digs deeper and runs an in-depth website audit, checking every single element including the meta tags, keyword consistency, Google preview, text/HTML ratio, and much more. 

2. Mobile Website Audit: Do you want to know how the mobile version of the website is performing? SERPWizz is here to help. From page loading speed to device compatibility and user experience, you can measure everything you need to know. 

3. Usability Features: The ranking of your site depends on numerous factors. The usability features are a part of these factors and include page loading time, language, safe browsing, data privacy, domain availability, custom 404 pages, and more. 

4. Audit Other Tools and Plug-ins: This SEO tool can also be used to check the other plug-ins you use with your website and ensure that they work properly. The overall performance of your website is measured by SERPWizz. 

5. Backlink Tracker: The tool measures your link-building sources and backlinks. It also identifies broken links, traffic rank, URL rewrites, on-page links, and more. 

6. Embed the Widget: This feature is beneficial for SEO agencies to generate leads, send reports, and create a professional-looking website that attracts more clients. 

7. Whitelabel Reports: SERPWizz lets you add your brand’s logo on the reports and send them to your clients. There are only a few top-quality white-label SEO audit tools in the market. 

The SERPWizz website has blogs and tutorials that help you understand SEO with more clarity. You can contact the support team to help you set up the tool and use it. 

SERPWizz Pricing 

The company has four price plans to suit the varying requirements of business owners, freelancers, and SEO agencies. You can opt for the trial version of any of the plans (the first one is fully free) and choose the one that best suits your needs. The trial version offers access to all the features of the SERPWizz SEO Audit tool. 

👉   Muggle – Free plan 

Access to all tools, unlimited website audits, PDF report for download, add unlimited team members, check website rank for 5 keywords. This plan is suitable for business owners and newbie SEO professionals who don’t need to check multiple websites. 

👉   Mage – $19/month

Has all the features of the Muggle plan plus a rank checker for 20 keywords and unlimited report generation. This plan is useful once you start working on SEO in-depth. 

👉   Magician – $49/month

It has all the features of the Mage plan plus a rank checker for 150 keywords. This is suitable for SEO startup companies. 

👉   Wizard – $99/month 

Has all the features of the Magician plan and also offers a rank checker for 300 keywords. It also offers access to additional features like:

  • Embed audit tool
  • Export leads 
  • White-label services (use your own logo on the reports) 
  • Direct email provider integration 

This plan is suitable for small to mid-sized SEO agencies. 

If none of the plans are for you, contact the support team and they’ll customize a package for your business. The company doesn’t offer any annual price plans right now. However, you can subscribe and unsubscribe anytime time you want. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plans. 

Final Conclusion

It doesn’t matter if you’re a budding SEO analyst or an established agency. A comprehensive SEO audit tool with around 100 checkpoints can make your job easier and improve your efficiency. SERPWizz provides you with a simple and effective tool to enhance your SEO reports and deliver exceptional services to your clients. 

We’ve tried the free trial version and we must confess that we’re impressed by how well the tool works. Why wait any longer? Check out the company website and get a site audit and useful toolkit for free.