The Senior Safety App – A Must-Have for Caregivers

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Many people have elderly parents, relatives, or friends who are dependent on professional or personal caretakers. Since most people can’t afford to hire a full-time caretaking professional, they have to manage their schedule as per the needs and requirements of the senior citizens in the home.

Naturally, these people are constantly worried about the senior citizen’s wellbeing. Even though most senior citizens are too proud to receive care or assistance, they know they need it deep down. Alarm systems or CCTV-based monitoring systems can hamper their privacy. That’s why the discreet and efficient Senior Safety App is gaining a lot of popularity. Here’s a brief review –

What is the Senior Safety App?

The Senior Safety App is used in 79 countries and has millions of users. It’s created on the Easy logger platform, so its interface is very easy to use. This app enables users to monitor seniors’ smartphones when they’re not in the presence of caregivers or family members.

  • Availability – Google Play store
  • Size of the app – 5.1MB
  • Developed by – 97 Technologies
  • Free Trial – 7 days
  • Price – The free plan allows limited access. Key features like ‘SOS alerts’ for immediate assistance or ’round-robin calling’ are available for free. The premium plan costs $45/year. Or users can pay $4.50/month. A plethora of features are unlocked after upgrading to the ‘Pro’ version.

Users need to provide their name and contact information (phone numbers, email address of the user, and other email addresses that need to be contacted in an emergency). In emergencies, the app can automatically contact five numbers as well.

Download the Free Senior Safety App On the Google Play Store

Standout Features of the App

  • SOS Alerts – Users can raise quick alerts in the event of an emergency. Automatic requests for help are sent to the listed emergency contacts (up to five contact numbers). These messages or email requests contain information like the senior citizen’s real-time location, activity, etc. All emergency contacts receive a maximum volume alarm.
  • Round Robin Call – The round-robin call option is a part of the Senior Safety App’s SOS feature. The app automatically reaches out to all the listed emergency contacts until one responds.
  • Auto-Fall Alert – The app uses the smartphone’s in-built motion sensors to track the senior citizen’s movement patterns. In case the account holder (the senior citizen) falls down or is incapacitated (e.g., lying on the ground), the app will send an alert along with the device location. To ensure wrong alerts are not sent, users can adjust their ‘lifestyle’ as per risks. For instance, a 60-year old man can set the ‘lifestyle’ option as low-sensitivity. But a 90-year old will need to set a ‘high’ risk lifestyle.
  • Geo-Fencing – The account holders will receive notifications whenever their listed contacts leave or enter the ‘geofence.’ The geofence can be set to the user’s home, neighborhood, district, etc.).
  • Zone Alert – The app automatically tracks the details of the user’s visits. The number of visits, specific addresses, the routes used, the speed at which the senior traveled, etc. – all of these details are tracked and logged. This feature comes in handy for seniors who suffer from dementia or blackouts. These senior citizens tend to wander away in fugue states.
  • Inactivity Tracking – Caregivers have to check on senior citizens who live on their own constantly. Their inactivity is a major red flag. Users can set ‘inactivity levels’ (anywhere between 1 to 12 hours). Emergency contacts will receive updates whenever the senior citizen is inactive.
  • Low Battery Alert – The app sends them automatic messages to listed emergency contacts whenever the battery is close to dying.
  • Location Logs – Caregivers can check all the apps used by the senior citizen. Every day, they receive daily reports, including information like app usage, location data, etc. 

Pros and Cons of the Senior Safety App


  • Amazing efficiency.
  • Perfect for seniors aged 60+.
  • Cost-efficient at $4.50/month.
  • A free trial period offers the best chance to get accustomed to the features.
  • Timely alerts for device falls, locations, geofence entry/exits, app usage, etc.


  • The app needs access to a lot of system settings.

Overall, the Senior Safety App is a much-needed relief for caregivers who are compelled to leave their elderly loved ones at home without any assistance. It has helped countless caregivers across the world.